Amazing Zpack Duplex Tent Review

Read on to learn the Zpack duplex tent review!

We all know that Zpack is top-notch if you’re searching for a duplex tent. Who doesn’t like this brand? The Zpack duplex tent lets you push your limits and hike greater distances. Whether you are losing yourself in the beauty of the Pacific Crest Trail or making your way through the challenging Swiss Alps.

Nothing beats the comfort of a duplex tent from Zpack. The Zpack is particularly designed for long-distance backpacking. Hence, you can expect it to be ultra-lightweight and portable. Today on the blog, we are going to share our honest review of the Zpack duplex tent and why you should invest your money in it. 

All About The Zpack Duplex Tent 

Zack is a great brand that is not only known for the Duplex tent. It sells camping accessories, sleeping bags, backpacks, and clothes. For many years, it has been providing comfort and convenience for campers.

The Zpack duplex tent is a waterproof tent for hikers, backpackers, and avid campers. It comes first when it comes to size, weight, and features. It’s big enough for two people. While the entire tent is well-ventilated, it’s a great choice for campers who like to camp in the woods, lakes, or wilderness. It packs down small, pitches easily, and can be set up in tight spaces. This is probably the lightest, most functional two-person tent. 

Zpack is very unique considering it’s only one of the very few tents with a pinnacle shape roof. Campers are not always used to this shape, as it looks very conventional. It also makes space smaller on the top and makes it hard for campers to stand. The sloping interior is less spacious compared with the Eskimo-shaped camp. Yet, thanks to this tent’s height, the pinnacle shape is not at all a problem. 

 zpacks duplex dimensions

Pros And Cons Of Zpack Duplex Tent

When shopping for camping tents, it’s good to look at the pros and cons so you can weigh your choice before making a big decision. The Zpack duplex tent costs around $500, which makes it quite expensive when compared with other tents. Now, let’s look at some specific details to know whether it’s worth your penny.

What We Like

  • At under 2 pounds with the Flex Kit update, the Zpacks Duplex is one of the lightest unattached tents available. It is ideal for long hours of trekking, especially if you don’t plan to go solo.
  • Notwithstanding its ultralight center, the Dyneema texture is very sturdy and offers strong climate assurance. It can stand alone regardless of strong winds and rain.
  • The tent has a shockingly tall pinnacle stature contrasted with others in its weight class, giving a solid measure of headroom. The pinnacle stature makes it a bit odd-looking or more roof-looking but you will be surprised by how beneficial it can be.
  • Four storm doors can be opened or closed independently from each other. On a nice weather day, you can open all four and let ventilation come in. When it rains, the two doors can be opened to allow ventilation. Rest assured that waters are kept outside, due to the waterproof capabilities of the Zpack duplex tent. A friendly tip – for better rain protection, use the elastic cords to pull the mesh door away from the sprays of rain.
  • Cleaning it is easy. Thanks to the clothing that is locally made in the USA.

 zpacks duplex flex upgrade

What We Don’t

  • Dyneema tents are costly, and the Duplex is $599 all alone or $724 with the Flex Kit. If you’re tight on budget, this tent may not be a good option. You can find other more affordable tents with the same durability and functionality. Try to look into Mountain Hardware Ac 2 Tent. Observably drafty in weighty breezes because of the liberal utilization of lattice. If the wind is very strong, such as that there’s a strong, we recommend not using this tent. Like many other r tents, it could easily be blown away by storms.
  • Set up can be trying from the get-go, particularly contrasted with other unattached choices. Although many say, that setting it up is straightforward, it takes longer than other tents most likely because it requires 8 stakes and 2 vestibules.
  • Single-wall DCF wicks but they take longer to dry. Don’t carry it wet otherwise, you will feel the weight on your shoulders.


What is the Zpacks duplex weight?

Zpacks duplex tent weighs 1.80lbs all in all. The tent alone weighs around 1lb while the stuff sack is .03 oz. The rest of the weight is divided among the guy lines, clips, poles, stakes, and vestibules. This weight is pretty portable, making this tent a favorite among dual campers. WE understand that the initial investment is expensive but this tent won’t let you down as it will keep the weight off your back.

What is zpacks duplex dimension?

Overall, Zpacks duplex tent has 340 cubic inches. The distance from the floor to the ceiling is wide enough to accommodate 2 persons. The pinnacle shape of the tent also makes it taller compared with dome-shaped camping tents.

What is the best Zpacks duplex flex upgrade?

If you want to transform your Duplex tent into a freestanding ultralight tent, you can use the Flex kit. This is a great option when camping on the overland track or white mountains. This is a simple upgrade that allows your tent to be pitched using freestanding poles. With this, there’s no need for stakes and your tent will look more like a pop-up tent. Just make sure the weather is calmer. The Flex kit makes it easier for your tent to be set up on the beach, on snow, rocky, or compacted ground.

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