Unbiased Shoal Tent Review 

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be able to sleep and wake up on the water? Well, it is time you turn your imagination into reality with the shoal tent. Shoal tent is one of the bestselling floating tents.

Sometimes another turn on an exemplary item makes it sufficiently progressive to capture everyone’s attention. Ethan Smith, the organizer behind the outside clothing retailer Smith Fly, has observed that his innovation, an inflatable drifting tent that allows campers to awaken on the water, is doing exactly that.

This inflatable tent is like a huge gazebo floating on water. You can use an air pump to fill it with air and it will float right away. The inflatable floor can uphold as much as 1,200 pounds without anyone else, Smith says and is upheld by repetitive air chambers in the hidden pontoon to forestall inadvertent sinking.

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Structural Review Of The Shoal Tent 

The shoal tent is the first of its kind. It has a very thick bottom formed like a floating raft that has a tent topper. It lets you sleep out on the water, whether it is day or night. WE understand that some of you can be very adventurous but for some who have doubts, this tent has a very sturdy bottom. So, it doesn’t sink.

The raft body features three air chambers. There are two air chambers in the lower tub and one in the structure The tube can inflate to 2/5PSI. Imagine a whole dome tent floating on water. It can accommodate 2-3 people inside. There 2 entry & exit doors, which can be closed during the night when everyone is asleep.


The tent can be packed down into a burrito role style. While it is portable, it is a lot heavier than ordinary tents. Regardless, it has 60″x24″x18″storage pack. You can carry it through your vehicle and then use the same bag for storage.

This tent weighs approximately 75 pounds, which is very heavy. We don’t expect you to carry it alone, especially since the lake is a little hike away from where you’ve parked.


 The floor features 6-inches thick, high-pressure materials. It works like an air mattress that presses hard against the water to float. But it feels soft and comfortable on your back. The shoal tent can stand up to strong winds, and will not topple.

For first-timers, getting into the tent can be a hard challenge. But you will get used to it in a matter of minutes.

 Can a tent float on water?

Reasons To Buy A Floating Tent

If falling asleep into the sound of the bubbling creek, ocean waves, or the calmness of the lake then this shoal tent is the next big thing. The following are some reasons why you would want to buy this wonderful tent.

  • Is it very unique and adventurous? For those who want to try water camping in the summer, you could bring this tent and float it on the lake. It brings a new wave of thrill and excitement to your next adventure.
  • The tent has safety zippers that can be locked inside according to your liking. Of course, there are emergency gears inside that come with the tent (but are bought separately).
  • It has a livable interior with cozy sleeping floors and compartments. You can bring extra air beds and sleeping blankets. The tent is insulated, keeping it warm throughout the night.

The waterproofing in this tent is ideal. It can withstand heavy rainfall and strong winds. 

  • As long as you tie it on a strong platform, the night s guaranteed to be enjoyable.

What You Might Not Like About The Shoal Tent

  • Sleeping against the water can cause dizziness. For first-timers, this is a normal reaction when floating, just like you feel when you are on a boat. Moreover, since the shoal tent has lighter materials, you can feel the water press against your back. If the water is less calm, it will sway your tent a bit, which can get quite uncomfortable.
  • You need to be a swimmer. Considering it’s a floating tent, you need to know some emergency responses. In addition to bringing emergency kits, you may need to train how to swim. Otherwise, it will require you to add more accessories like floaters. 
  • The tent can only accommodate 2-3 people. More than that, you would not be able to move around inside. 
  • There are no windows. So, expect it to be hotter inside. We suggest, however, that the doors should be closed during the night as you sleep to prevent insects from going in. 
  • Since the shoal tent is a floating tent, you need to bring a lot more gear to ensure your safety. 
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What Is A Shoal Tent?

The shoal tent is the first-ever floating tent. Just imagine a circular raft with a rooftop. Its main function is for a sleepover. Hence, you can sleep here during the day or night and enjoy a great water view after waking up.

Can A Tent Float On Water?

Yes. The shoal tent has a very unique structure that allows it to float on the water. It is great for lake camping, wherein you can let it float on the water.

What is a Water Tent?

A water tent is a tent that can be used on water. While it is conceivable that one could swim into the water, unfasten the tent, have a charming sleep, and get up toward the beginning of the day having a good sense of reassurance and revived, there are endless things that could turn out badly. The tent could drift down the waterway and you awaken in no place. You could need to go to the washroom in the evening.

Are Floating Tents Safe?

The answer is yes. The bottom of the tent is made up of durable and high-quality materials that don’t easily break when poked by stuff under the water. The shoal tent also includes 2 doors, which you can close during the night. When you’re sleeping, you can tie the tent nearby so you don’t just float anywhere.

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