A Must-Read Umardoo Beach Tent Review

Looking for the best Umardoo beach tent review? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to look into the various features of the Umardoo beach tent and see whether this is the right thing for you.

Summer is a perfect time of the year to go outing with the family on the beach. Of course, we all need a good pop-up tent to protect us against the scourging heat of the sun. Thanks to Umardoo, they’ve made the perfect sunshade tent for the whole family.

All About The Umardoo Family Beach Tent

The Umardoo family sun shelter is a large tent measuring up to 10 x 9 feet that you can set up on the beach. It has a vibrant blue color that matches the vibe and will look cool in your summer features. But what makes it a great buy is the fact that it can accommodate the whole family, including your friends.

 It has four strong poles and 4 more stakes that you can set up on the ground to keep it stable. The body is composed of elastic Lycra fabric with UPF 50+, making it perfect for summer. Knowing the sea can cause corrosion, manufacturers have made it a point to make rust-proof aluminum poles. Hence you don’t have to worry about it getting hit by seawater. The cords are also elastic, which prevents the cords from moving.

It comes with an extra-large pad where you can lay down. With this tent, you can enjoy relaxing on the beach. Whether you’re bathing, fishing, or just letting time pass you now have a temporary shelter against the sun.

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Pros And Cons Of The Umardoo Family Beach Tent

A smart way to shop for tents is to look at their pros and cons. First, weigh them according to what you need before making a decision.

The following are the advantages of the Umardoo family beach tent:

  • It’s extra-large in size and can accommodate the whole family. It can pay shelter to 6 people from medium to large body frames. But since the tent is large, it can occupy even more.
  • It’s collapsible and can be rolled into a portable bag for easy transport. You can bring it anywhere with you, whether it’s just around town or off-country beach hopping.
  • It is very easy to set up, although you might need the help of some of the family members.

The following are the advantages of the Umardoo family beach tent:

  • The tent can sway if the weather is too windy. You need to dig a deep hole near the sandbag and bury the latter in the hole. Cover it with soil to make the tent stable.
  • The tent has no side walls so the heat of the sun can pass through the side. You have to position it strategically in places where the sun is not front-facing, otherwise, you won’t be enjoying any shade at all.
  • Although the tent is very easy to set up, it’s can’t be set up as fast as another tent. Since this is an extra-large tent, don’t expect it to be easily established. Save this tent when you have more time.

Why Canopy Tents Like Umardoo Are Useful For Beach Use

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Umardoo is a canopy tent. A canopy beach shade is a straightforward ocean side tent that typically has open sides. Some might have a divider that can be connected if necessary. They can typically take a greater number of individuals than customary oceanside tents.

Beach canopies frequently have a higher roof than beach tents, which makes it simple to stand up and move around in them. This could be a great tent if you are going in pax. It’s also an idea if you want to set up a snack bar or a table where everyone can gather around to eat right after swimming.

The best thing about canopy tents is that they can’t only be set up for beach settings. They are quite flexible and can be used for any outdoor activity. Imagine swimming in your backyard pool and you want to spend a quality BBQ time with friends and family. You could use this tent to set up a temporary gazebo. It serves as protection against the sun or unexpected rainfall. That means you can freely arrange your tables and chairs here and eat with less worry about the weather.


Is the Umardoo family beach tent worth my money?

The Umardoo family beach tent cost around $95+, which makes it very affordable. If you’re thinking about having a great time with family at the beach, we say the Umardoo tent is definitely worth your money. Although it’s cheap, its materials are top-notch.

Is it a great beach wind tent?

The Umardoo tent is quite sturdy but it sways if the wind is too strong. The key is to dig a deeper hole and bury the sand sack. This will help strengthen the poles and prevent them from swaying. We don’t recommend using it during bad weather conditions, such that when there’s a typhoon or a storm as it doesn’t provide ultimate protection as with other rescue tents.

How is the Umardoo beach tent set up?

It’s very easy to set up an Umardoo beach tent. First, you need to establish the stakes on the ground. Connect the cover to the poles and then erect them. Since the tent is extra-large, you need at least 3-4 people helping you set it up. The tent is lightweight so there’s no need for special materials to mount it. Just a sand shovel and strong arms to help you.

What is the best beach tent with a carrying bag?

There are many beach tents with carrying bags out there, including the Umardoo beach tent. We say you pick the one that can serve you best given your situation. The Umardoo beach tent nevertheless comes with a bag and is great for summer use. If you’re looking for a high-quality tent that doesn’t break your pocket, you should get the Umardoo beach tent.

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