Best TMBK Rooftop Tent Review

Looking for a great TMBK rooftop tent review? Well, if you’re looking for a larger tent that almost feels like home then you will definitely like the TMBK roof-mounted tent.

From the name itself, this tent has a very particular purpose – for roof mounting. Made from the finest materials, it starts out with a heavy aluminum plated base put together using marine-grade stainless steel hinges.

If you’re camping out, you can park near the sea view and mount this enormous tent on your rooftop. It has 81 inches the square ladder that add sturdiness from the ground and up. With steel hinges, you wouldn’t have to worry about falling or the tent caving in.

There’s a rainfly made of 420D heavy-duty polyester oxford, which is entirely waterproof. Now you can lay down and sleep at night, without having to worry about getting wet just in case it rains hard at night.

What To Expect From TMBK Rooftop Tent?

 How long do rooftop tents last?

It comes with an insulated base with stainless hinges that keep you calm and cozy throughout the night. You can bring extra beddings, an air bed, or a sleeping bag.

It has window rods, which you can pop open in the morning to see the beautiful view from the top. Unlike many other roof-mounted tents, it doesn’t require drilling or medication for your vehicle. As long as your vehicle has a roof rack, then you can simply attach this tent easily. It may require at least 2 persons to cooperate when mounting this up.

This tent weighs about 100lbs, which is very typical for most roof-mounted tents. It is ideal for SUVs, Cross Over, Jeeps, or trucks. What makes it the best is that it comes with extra tools to help you set it up. This makes camping easy-breezy.

The tent also comes with a 2-year warranty, so any penny invested in this tent will be worth it. If upon careful examination it is found that the tent is missing something or has a factory defect, you can use your warranty to have it replaced or repaired.

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Top Benefits Of A TMBK Rooftop Tent


For those that have set up camp in a ground tent, you know exactly the way in which rapidly the tent will get grimy. It gets canvassed in the soil the after you lay it down and when you stroll inside the tent two or multiple times you track it in the soil as well. In the worst-case scenario, you would do a lot of cleaning when it rains really hard and the ground gets muddy.


The solace in a rooftop tent is best in class. The greatest contrast is essentially having a level surface to rest on. When in a ground tent, even with a decent sleeping pad cushion, the rough and lopsided surface makes it entirely awkward. You are going to feel the rocks, twigs, and rough terrain on your back. Many campers have complained about trouble sleeping, especially in highly-elevated areas.

Effortless Setup

 tmbk rooftop tent review

We understand many people say rooftop tents are harder to set up because of their size. But when you have 2 or more people around the setup becomes fun.

Plus, it gets rid of stakes, poles, and other crazy stuff when setting up a ground tent. Setting up a ground tent can change a ton, yet counting an opportunity to do that as well as make the bed presumably requires 15-20 minutes generally together.

Packing Less Camping Gear

As you head out for setting up a camp excursion and load your vehicle with the necessities as a whole, you rapidly acknowledge how little space you have left for all that you really want.


There is certainly a degree of extravagance that accompanies a rooftop tent. Making it a fair compromise or step over a ground tent, however less rich than a tear trailer. Rooftop tents are expensive, however not while contrasting with any trailer!

Some rooftop tents can cost more than $4,000 dollars and will be made of aluminum and steel. Different extravagances incorporate underlying fans, sunlight-powered chargers, LED lighting, programmed open and shut, an extension, shade, and numerous different elements.

 rooftop tent with a skylight


How long do rooftop tents last?

Contingent upon the brand, the circumstances you use it in, upkeep, and softshell versus Hardshell, tents will endure longer or more limited spans. Most Hardshell roof tents keep going on normal between 10 to 15 years. Conversely, most softshell roof tents last 5 to 10 years. Many tent brands offer varying warranty coverage but not all will inform you of the approximate life span of the tent. Even so, you have to understand that some brands are superior to others. As for TMBK, their tents have passed our stands.

Are our rooftop tents worth it?

Absolutely. If you like to avoid getting dirty or you want to enjoy a great view of the sea, sky, or surroundings, you can get a rooftop tent. This lets you rest comfortably on top of your vehicle. Plus, it keeps you safe from unexpected wildlife in the area you’re camping. The rooftop tent is already great if you go in 2 or more campers. But if you go solo, we suggest going with 1-person tents only.

Why would you want a rooftop tent?

There are many reasons you would want a rooftop tent, which we already have mentioned above. Sometimes, it can feel homier with a rooftop tent, especially when you camp with your significant other. Aside from that, there’s a lot of space for you to move, and you get a more comfortable base in case you get two get a little more romantic.

Should I buy a Rooftop tent with a skylight?

Rooftop tents with a skylight are definitely a great buy. Who wouldn’t want to stare at the twinkling and shining stars at night? This could be the most romantic part of your camping journey. If you have a specific intent of stargazing at night, then we recommend that you get a rooftop tent with a skylight.

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