The North Face Wawona 4 Tent Review | Model Details & Specs

Read this North Face Wawona 4 tent review, and find out what its key features are.

The North Face Wawona 4 tent review which you have here, will introduce you to this spacious and family-friendly 3-season camping tent. Choosing the ideal tent is not an easy task, nor something that should be done in a hurry, without prior planning.

Therefore, if you want to get a waterproof tent in which a person can stand upright, or you need a tent that can fit a lot of gear, you have come to the right place. Stay with us and find out what interesting things this North Face Wawona 4 tent review brings.

The North Face Wawona 4 Tent Review

As before, this North Face Wawona 4 tent review will show you the advantages and disadvantages, good and bad aspects of this product. So let’s get to the point.

What Kind Of Tent Is That?

This single-layer Wawona tent is part of a series of two and the other tent is Wavona 6. As we have already mentioned, this is a single-layer tent that guarantees a quick setup but can be annoying in a windy situation. If it is set in the rain, the inner area will not get wet, but condensation can form, which people really hate.

Furthermore, the tent is semi-freestanding. Accordingly, the main structure is indeed self-supporting, however, you will still need massive vestibules in order to safely use the tent.

 Is the Wawona tent waterproof?

Who Is This Tent For?

First a few words about north face Wawona 4 dimensions. In terms of space width, this tent has a declared capacity of 4 people. The indoor area is only 58.13 ft² (5.4 m²), so we can dare say it is quite small for 4 people. So, you only have 14.5 feet (1.35 meters) per person. These dimensions are characteristic of backpacking tents but this is not such a tool.

We will freely say that this tent is a much better option for couples or for parents with a small child.

When it comes to climate-wise, this Wawona tent doesn’t have the usual mesh on the ceiling under the fly. However, you don’t need to give up buying right away (if that’s your only criterion), because there is a lot of mesh on the inner doors, and the tent is with large vents on the roof.

On the other hand, the mesh on the inner door cannot be closed because it does not have a panel. Due to these components, the tent is not suitable for use in warm and cold environments. Frankly speaking, it’s in between and hard to fit.

In the end, in terms of weight, with only 13 lb (5.9 kg) of weight, Wawona has created a fairly light camping tent, although there are lighter ones. The packaging is an interesting size, 27 x 10 inches (68.6 x 25.4 cm), and therefore can be transported even on a bicycle.

Materials & Construction

The Poles

Most north face family tents, like this one, have heavy-duty aluminum shock-corded poles 12 mm in diameter. The poles are pre-bent, which gives the whole look of the tent extra volume. Also, it is important to note that they create 3 intersections which is a sign of solid construction, the more of them the better. This is most commonly seen in tents designed for use in extremely harsh conditions such as winter.

In addition, since poles are added on the outside, this means you are safe if you find yourself in rainy conditions, as the interior will stay dry as you pitch your tent. We must emphasize that this is not the case with two-layer designs.

north face family tents

The Fabric

Unfortunately, North Face does not provide an official waterproofness rating or any info about the fabric used in the construction.

Apparently, the fly is 68D polyester and the floor is 75D polyester. If we assume that these numbers are correct, the former is fine for a fly, but the latter is far from that. However, they sell the footprint separately.


What would the North Face Wawona 4 tent review be like, if we didn’t say something about ventilation? Since it is a single-layer tent, the whole concept is based on large vents that are close to the top. This combined with the inner door mesh will create enough air circulation in most weather and space conditions.

We would dare to say that this is true even in cases when you have to keep the vestibules closed. Furthermore, we need to remind you of those condensation problems, which we mentioned at the beginning, but they should be minimal.

Lastly, if you are sure the weather will be nice and the sky clear, you can keep the windows with mesh only. The windows are large enough to provide you with optimal ventilation.

Other Important Features

  • The tent comes in an interesting, duffel-bag-style carrying bag.
  • There are several mesh pockets around so you can store some smaller items.
  • The tent includes hanging loops and a Velcro lantern loop.
  • Inside the tent is an inner dry line that extends along the roof.

With this part, we conclude our North Face Wawona 4 tent review.

Final Thoughts

 wawona tent

In the summary of this North Face Wawona 4 tent review, we find it very difficult not to stay impressed. The tent has an interesting look and numerous features that make it easy to use. As for the price, we think it is quite realistic because this is one of the north face family tents where you get exactly as much as you paid.

Do you have any of the North Face tents or are you just thinking about buying your first one? Write to us in the section below.

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Is The Wawona Tent Waterproof?

Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t provide information on whether this tent is waterproof or not.


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