Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent Review: Is This The No. 1 (Crème De La Crème) Choice For Watching The Brilliant Stars Under The Open Sky?

Thinking of buying a new tent for your next festival or light camping trip? Read our Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent review and find out if it’s the right choice for you.

Pop-up tents are great news, they are very easy to set up and pack, so you can dedicate yourself to enjoying, instead of stacking poles for hours. Most importantly, it will also perform an extremely important task, keeping you dry if the weather changes for the worse.

Today we decided to present the tent made by a famous North Carolina company known for producing outdoor equipment, car top carriers, tailgating canopies, air mattresses, and cargo products. Therefore, stay with us and read this short Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent review and learn more about the most important features of this new generation of tents.

What Is A Pop-Up Tent, What Is The Difference Between It And A Classic Tent?

 Are pop-up tents better than normal tents?

Before we start this Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent review, let us introduce you to this innovative type of tent. So, let’s go.

In short, the pop-up tent is a revolution in the camping and backpack scene. It’s an instant canopy that can be propped up with extreme great ease. So there is no need to set up individual tent poles as is the case with traditional tents. A traditional tent requires reading and strictly following instructions, ok, on the other hand, an instant tent provides quick setup and takedown.

We believe you will agree with us when we say that a large proportion of people like to go to nature, but a very small (almost non-existent) percentage likes to assemble and disassemble equipment for hours.

When it comes to tent complaints and flaws, most people complain about the following: tent fabric persistently getting hitched in tent poles, fuzzy pole length, and tent stake design that makes it difficult to hold down.

How Does A Pop-up Tent Work?

Pop-up tents work the same way you probably imagine. Once you take it out of the bag, it will really pop out, take on its shape, and is ready to be used. – Simple as that.

Feel free to compare it to an origami crane that you fold and put in your pocket. Once you take it out of your pocket again, the wings, neck, and tail will open to its full size. The same goes for a pop-up tent. Namely, this type of tent uses the same structure as origami, but the difference is only on a larger scale. When you’re done using it, all you need to do is fold it into a small space so it can fit with the rest of your camping gear.

The biggest difference between a regular tent and a new generation tent is that setting up can take less than a minute, and this can rarely be applied to classic models.

Now that you are familiar with this recent revolution in the camping and backpacking scene, it is time to move on to the main part of this article, the Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent review. So let’s get to the point.

Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent Review

Read the description of this product below as well as the main features that make it different from the others.

This CampRight Pop-Up Tent belongs to the category of super-portable tents that can be transformed from a folded-up circle to a free-standing tent in just a few moments. According to reviews from satisfied customers, this tent can be assembled in just an amazing 15 seconds.

Click here and read the detailed Pop Up Tent set up guide.

It folds quickly and protects you from all weather conditions. What else can you ask of a tent? Truth be told, the assembly is so simple that even very young children can perform it properly. This tent is perfect for families, namely, it is quite large for a portable tent and can comfortably sleep 2 adults.

It is made from water-resistant materials with sealed seams and weighs just 4.75 pounds. Furthermore, it includes two zipped mirrors, two windows, and one door, all with no-se-um mesh as well as storm covers. In addition, we must emphasize that the floor of the tent is water-resistant, which actually means that you do not have to use a ground tarp if it does not suit you.

We will conclude this Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent review with the thought that whether you are going on a big excursion or simply want to sleep under the stars, this tent is a great opportunity to meet almost all your requirements.

 How do you fold a Rightline gear tent?


If you are still thinking about which tent to choose from, let us help you. If you are going camping or backpacking for a day or two, feel free to choose an instant tent like this Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent. It is very easy to carry, (un)folds extremely quickly, is comfortable to sleep in, and protects from rain.

We hope you found this Rightline Gear Pop-Up Tent review useful, and that it will make it easier for you to choose one that will meet all your criteria. If you have any questions, please let us know in the section below.

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How Do You Fold A Rightline Gear Tent?

All you have to do is fold the top half of the tent over the bottom half of the tent and create an oval shape that you will fold so that it forms the number 8 shape. Once you are done connect the buckle strap around the folded tent and insert it into its carry bag.

Is Pop Up Tent Any Good?

Yes, of course, it is good. This type of tent is very easy to carry, (un) folds extremely quickly, is comfortable to sleep in, and protects from rain. According to users, regular tents are better for longer trips. However, If you are going camping or backpacking for a day or two, feel free to choose an instant tent.

What Should I Look For In A Pop-Up Tent?

The most important thing to pay attention to when buying this type of tent is that it has good handles and solid construction.

Are Pop-Up Tents Better Than Normal Tents?

It all depends on your desires. Normal tents are a better option for longer trips that include more nights, while pop-ups are a great option for shorter trips.

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