Best REI Co-Op Passage 2 Tent With Footprint Review

Looking for an REI co-op passage 2 tent with footprint review? You’ve found the perfect place. Today on the blog, we will share an honest review of this wonderful tent brand. 

REI is a popular tent brand when it comes to outdoor camping. It’s proof that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, just to get an excellent backpacking tent. When we look at this tent, the first thing that attracted us is the combination of colors. The Gray, white, and black combination is perfect camouflage for any outdoor camping. But sure, there are other colors available.

However, the best thing about this tent is the ability to have a great view of the outdoors, from the inside. Overall, it has a durable structure, 2 doors and vestibules, and full coverage rain-fly. It even includes an amazing footprint.

 In terms of price, this tent is fairly affordable. Read on the following section as we dissect the important features of the REI 2 person tent.

Livability And Interior Space

In general, the REI co-op passage 2 tent has 88 x 52 inches of interior space. The 40-inch peak height might not be enough for you to stand up but like most camping tents, it’s tall enough to comfortably crawl inside. At the base level, the tent is completely livable and moderately spacious. The passage feels a little cramped for two people sitting inside but if you want a longer flooring that can accommodate 2 long sleeping bags, you will love this tent. And since there are only 2 vestibules, it leaves a lot of space inside to place your gears. 

 How do you pack a REI Passage 2 tent?

Weight And Packed Size

 The tent feels a little bit bulky and heavy but this by far is the most ultralight design from the brand. If you’re looking for tents less than 4 pounds, you might want to look around some other brands like Nemo’s popular Dagger 2P or MSR’s Hubba Hubba NX. Take note that the lighter the tent, the higher price you should expect. This is because lighter tents use thinner materials to save on weight. 


Albeit the pocket-friendly price, the REI Coop Passage 2 tent is very durable. The floor material is made from 66-denier polyester that is relatively thick and comfortable, but also more durable compared with other tent compositions. Imagine yourself camping in the rocky areas of Colorado, we would not think twice about recommending this tent for you. It’s cozy, thick, and comfortable. And because of its density, it doesn’t flake or break easily when it hits hard materials on the ground like small rocks, barks, or even twigs.

The rest of the build-up is properly executed such as the zipper works, aluminum tent poles, and hardwearing clips. You will get the best value for your investment in this wonderful REI 2-person tent. Plus, the tent is almost see-through. You can stargaze at night without having to open the window or fly cover.

Climate Protection

The Passage 2 is a 3-season hiking tent, meaning it’s made to deal with most moderate circumstances with a full-inclusion rainfly, vigorous materials, and a bath floor to seal out water at ground level.

 rei co-op passage 2 tent with footprint review

Try to hike up the Colorado mountains, and with little to moderate rains, you wouldn’t notice single water leaking inside. We confronted no weighty breezes during our experience with the Passage. This will surprise you, given the semi-high climate rest assured that the tent can endure most moderate gusts without bowing as well.

Overall, it’s impressive that the REI tent only comes with 6 metal stakes. Compared with other tents that usually come with 8 stakes, it can easily be set up. If you’re camping in windy locations or if you’re expecting rain sometime in between your scheduled camping, we recommend buying extra protection in advance to guy out the fly properly. When the conditions get too blustery, the stakes might not be able to hold.

A Summary Of The REI Passage 2 Tent Pros And Cons

What We Like

  • At just $159, the Passage 2 is probably the best worth available: this tent is very much made, sensibly extensive, and defensive enough for 3-season use.
  • Freestanding, well-balanced design that is exceptionally simple to set up, even by one individual.
  • A generous amount of mesh along the highest point of the tent body makes this an incredible choice for stargazing and supports great ventilation.

What We Don’t

  • No middle edge shaft to extend the side dividers up into the clouds from you, which diminishes livability.
  • Genuinely weighty and massive. For hikers who get out consistently, we prescribe moving forward to a lighter and more packable plan (even though you’ll pay more).
  • Not much inside stockpiling with just two pockets and a modest bunch of stuff circles along the roof.
  • Just accompanies six stakes. For particularly stormy circumstances, we prescribe extra protection to keep the tent on the ground. Nevertheless, this tent makes a great companion for summer weather days.


How do you pack an REI Passage 2 tent?

Packing the REI Passage 2 Tent is pretty much like other tents. First, you remove the fly cover and then the remaining covers. Once you’ve taken the covers off, lay them first on the ground and remove the vestibules, poles, and stakes from the ground. Dissemble them and roll them together with the covers. Carefully pack them in the REI bag, which usually comes free when you buy it.

What is a footprint for a tent?

A footprint is also known as a groundsheet cover. It's a lightweight sheet made of polyester materials that serve as an extra layer in the base of your tent. This way, you wouldn’t have to sleep on the ground or with a very thin liner. Since the REI's footprint is thick, it makes the overall weight of the tent heavy but we do recommend it for camping in rocky conditions. It will add extra comfort and convenience, especially if you suffer from back problems.

What can you say about the Rei Co Op Trail Hut 2 Tent with Footprint?

This tent is another amazing tent from the brand. Both the Trail Hut and the Passage are great tents for outdoor camping. The key is to look at their features and weigh your choice according to what you need most.

Will I like the passage tent from REI?

Yes. If you like simplicity and durability at a great price point, you will like the REI passage 2 Tent. It’s big enough for couples and comes with a footprint that provides extra ground protection

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