Quest Switchback 8 Person Tent Review

Read on the best Quest Switchback 8 person tent review today.

Ready to spend the night outside? Here’s the good news – no need to stress yourself out to begin. All you need is a sense of adventure, a camping bed, a headlamp, and, obviously, a tent. For the vast majority, resting in nature is somewhat more agreeable when gotten into a comfortable tent (however lounger setting up camp can be its own experience!)

Tents are basic, however, there are a couple of significant choices you’ll have to make before getting one. This includes the type of tent, size, features, and price.

And remember, when buying the perfect tent, there are some basic things you can do in terms of cleaning storage to maintain durability. A high-end tent should serve you well for the next decades, provided that you give the proper care it needs.

Parts Of Your Quest Tent

Rain fly

Rain fly is a protection against the rain. In case the weather is warm and sunny, you may opt not to use the rain fly. It’s portable and removable so you can keep it in the bag. This can be a great decision for stargazing, particularly assuming that the highest point of your tent is built with mesh wiring.


The vestibule is the region outside your tent yet under your rainfly. It’s the place where a great many people put their packs and shoes around evening time to cover them without occupying a room in the tent.

Tub Floor

While the majority of your tent will probably be network, the floor is generally made of a more grounded, waterproof material. With a large number, this material expands a couple of crawls up the sides like a bath. These assists keep with watering out on account of downpour or snow and means you don’t have to utilize a canvas or exceptional mat under your tent to remain dry.

Poles and Stakes

The poles can help your tent to stand still amid the rain and the wind. On the other hand, the stakes go into the ground to keep it upstanding. Posts generally crease up for simple capacity.

 Are quest tents waterproof?

Camping With Quest Tent – Guide For Starters

  • Choose where you want to set up the tent and lay down the base. Remove sticks, pines, and other objects on the base that might hurt your back later.
  • Spread the stakes of your tent. With two people, stretch the base of the tent across the tarp. And then pull out the remaining corners and stake them well to the ground. Make sure you’ve staked them on the hard ground, otherwise, your tent will be easily blown by the wind. Unfold the pole segments and insert the main pole to give it strength. Do the rest of the additional poles so you can have the tent erected.
  • Begin lifting the tent by slowly raising one of the main tent poles. Each end of the pole must fit onto the fastener. Double-check everything to ensure the tent doesn’t crumble when you’re finally sleeping. Check for additional fasteners or clops alongside the poles to secure the exterior.
  • Add the rain fly on top. Drape it across the top of your tent just like an umbrella. Search for fasteners from the outside and fasten them onto the pole. Since the poles are sturdy enough, this will provide support for the rainfly when the rain starts pouring.
  • Add final stakes and supports. The Quest Switchback tent comes with extra supports to ensure you have a sturdy tent in the evening. Consider campsite traffic flow when making a decision where to stake your fly. This helps avoid trips and falls.

 Quest Switchback 8 Person Tent Review


Is Quest a good brand for tents?

Quest is absolutely a great brand for tens. It has all the basic requirements for a durable and high-end tent for those who trek in groups. A major benefit is having the rain fly cover. Not all car-camping tents have them, but rather most do. The rainfly is a different piece of material and gives cover from the rain while keeping your tent sturdy against the winds.

Are quest tents waterproof?

Yes. Quest tents are waterproof. Not all tents are waterproof. Most tents are water safe, and that implies that they simply reduce the amount of water going inside your tent or at most, delay the water coming inside. But you can't expect all tents to be 100% waterproof, unlike the Quest tent. Such tents need extra inclusion to become waterproof. A waterproof tent has its folds covered with polyurethane and creases taped, to keep water from leaking inside. The Quest tent has a good waterproof rating, which means it has the maximum level of waterproofing capabilities.

What is a good 8-person tent?

The Quest test is a good 8-person tent considering the area of around 112 square feet, which is ultimately suitable for 8 people. The taped seams paves way for easy access or for using extension cords. The poles are also made of fiberglass materials with 800 mm coating PE floor making it very durable for outdoor, hard ground use. With the Quest switchback tent, you will enjoy the great benefits of space. Plus, the base is very comfortable. It won’t give you a backache the next day.

How do you put a Quest tent together?

The quest tent brand usually come with a manual that you can look at to easily set up your quest tent. In any case, this tent is very easy to set up. You can always ask your friends to help you.

What happened to Quest tents?

Quests tents are undeniably one of the best brands of tents in the USA. However, beginning in fall 2004, Quest USA tents were manufactured exclusively by the North Pole and sold through various retailers. The original Quest tents were already discontinued due to the unavailability of materials. No parts or customer service is available for Quest tests made before 2004. In the fall of 2004, the Quest brand and logo were offered to Dick's Sporting Goods. Quest tents created starting around 2004 are made by a few different tent producers for Dick's Sporting Goods.

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