Honest Poler Two Man Tent Review

Looking for a great Poler two-man tent review? We’ve got you covered.

They said Poler tents are never for serious campers but this is not the issue. Serious or not, we all need a functional tent to rest when the night falls. Poler does always come as the first choice of tent for professional campers and mountaineers since they’re more on the fun side.

You see some Poler tents with fun Aztec colors. But it’s spacious and has a modern design that millennial campers would definitely love. Of course, it can fit two big people. One thing we can promise you is that you will never go out with variations when it comes to Poler.

Poler’s description reads: The spacious tent is wide enough to accommodate “two big people, or if you’re feeling snuggly, even two big people and a child, or possibly even three smaller sized people. The variations are nearly limitless.

Poler Two Man Tent Features – Here’s What You Should Know

The Poler 2 Man Tent comes in exemplary shadings and fun patterns. It’s something that the new generation and modern campers will truly admire.  Of course, if you want to add colors during your camping, we suggest this brand.

The Poler 2 Man Tent ($261.95) isn’t like anything more out there since it was explicitly constructed that way it is. It’s a tent for another variety of current camper, one who likes functionality and stronger poles that adjust with their own style.

 Are poler tents any good?

What’s more, the Poler 2 Man Tent follows through on all fronts. It’s a quality multi-season tent, with two entryways, two vestibules, completely taped creases, waterproof covering, and only one shaft that snaps together for a fast and effective setup. In any case, it’s gorgeous. Orange and camo colors are available now in the market.

Poler Tent Weight and

The Poler 2 Man Tent isn’t light by present-day norms, tipping the scales at 7.5 pounds. However not every person needs an ultralight choice. Consider it as a weekend essential.

If you don’t mind about the week and you want a fun and functional tent to bring along your journey, then have at it. It’s a perfect tent for a last-minute trip to the hill on the beachside or to the Joshua Tree. This tent is so modern-looking that makes it quite indemonstrable.

Just a friendly warning – while a colorful tent looks very alive, you might steer clear of more colors if you want to camp in the woods and in mountainous areas. Colorful tents can be too attractive for some passers-by, natives, and even some wildlife.

The reason why some tents have plain to almost dull colors is for them to somehow camouflage in the woods. This way, you appear almost invisible to nearby preys.

 How do you set up a poler tent?

Poler Tent Cleaning Tips

Clean the tent by setting it up and cleaning it down with a gentle cleanser (fluid hand cleanser) and tepid water arrangement. Wash completely and dry totally. Never utilize cleansers, clothes washers or dryers since they can harm the tent’s defensive covering and creases. In the wake of cleaning, be certain the tent is totally dry, particularly the heavier, twofold sewed regions like the creases, prior to putting away or form and mold are probably going to develop.

Clean the tent shafts with a delicate, dry fabric. This is particularly fundamental after Oceanside setting up camp excursions to eliminate salt showers so the posts don’t erode or remain coarse.

Clean the zippers with a speedy dunk in water and afterward get them dry. This is particularly significant assuming you’ve been enjoying the great outdoors in an area with sand/soil. On the off chance that you don’t perfect the zippers, the sliders will break down and in the end the teeth will become inoperable.

Facing Ultraviolet Damages To The Tent

 Is Poler stuff back?

Did you know that tents are prone to ultraviolet damage? While our fabrics are UV resistant, any synthetic fabrics may be damaged by the sun especially when the heat is intense. Damages usually start with the nylon and polyester becoming brittle.

If your tent has YV damage, we’re sorry to say but it is not repairable. It may take a while before your tent finally gives in UV damage. So, you can still use your tent for many times throughout the years. A great technique is to continue using the fly cover even when it’s not raining as it adds extra protection from the heat of the sun.

When the damage has become too severe that it affects its waterproof capabilities, it’s a sign that you need to change tent already.


Are poler tents any good?

Poler tents are good. With its price of more than $200, you may think it’s expensive but the criteria are always subjective. First, identify why you need a tent and how you intend to do it. Then look at the Poler features. If it has all the features you need for a wonderful tent, then go for it.

How do you set up a poler tent?

To set up a poler tent, first, stake it to the ground and then arrange the poles. Carefully establish the tent with the help of your companion. Once it’s up you can lay down inside.

Is Poler stuff back?

You may have heard the news that Poler has ceased operations after they have gone bankrupt. Poler is coming back and relaunching a new brand and now they’re back in the market. Their hashtag #campervibes made 2 million posts on Instagram and has taken the market by storm.

Who owns Poler now?

Pacific & Everest Lifestyle Co. is the new owner of Poler, still a Philippine-based company. It also owns various international and popular brands like Adidas and Above the Rim. This company focuses on hardcore camping gear and essentials.

Where is the poler tent?

Poler tent has its first flagships store in Portland, hence the name. However, the brand is now sold all over the Philippines with the hope to revive the previous Poler brand, which has unfortunately gone bankrupt.

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