Northwest Territory Sierra Dome Tent Review

Looking for a Northwest Territory Sierra dome tent review? Read on to learn a thing or two about this wonderful tent.

When you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice for your camping spree, Northwest Territory is a well-known brand that many people go with. But have you ever wondered why this popular brand is so hard to find?

Northwest Territory offers various affordable options and the Sierra dome tent is not an exception. This brand has all types of tents, from single-person tents, 2- person tents to family tents. Most of their tents can be found below $50, including very large tents like the Canyon 12-person tent.

This brand is very popular among novice and family campers. Use the information in this review to find the most feasible tent for you. Have a quick glance at what the Northwest Territory Sierra dome tent can do for you.

Get To Know More About Northwest Territory

Northwest Territory is one of the largest manufacturers of camping tents in the world. You would often find their products at Sears, but for cross-country buyers, you have Amazon as an avenue.

Although this brand has a number of offices located around the world, the manufacturing and production of their tents take place in China.

This tent comes with a warranty as with all other tents. Throughout the years, Northwest Territory has become a brand symbolizing value tents that do a job well done.

 Are dome tents easy to put up?

Different Types Of Northwest Territory Tents

Hiking Tents

These kinds of tents will more often than not be lightweight and are not difficult to carry. The tents are also created to be extremely easy to care for.

This kind of tent usually just fits one person. But since they are easy to carry and are traditionally lightweight, they’re great for summer camping. Most lightweight tents, need to reduce some materials, which explains why some tents are not ultimately waterproof.

A large number of their hiking tents range from 8′ X 7.5′ to 9′ X 7′. A popular option in this variety is the Northwestern Dome tent is one of the most well-known.

Dome Tents

The most widely recognized tent variety is the dome tent. Likewise, every one of the sizes has highlights connected with their size. Ordinarily, the tents range from small to immensely huge tents for family accommodation.

The little to moderate size tents, fit somewhere in the range of 2-3 individuals to 4-6. The majority of these tents are inside the area of 9 X 7 to 14 X 10. The Northwest Territory Rectangular Silver Dome Tent and First-Up Tent are the two generally well-known in this area.

The Family & Large Northwest Territory Dome Tents

Generally, the littlest can fit 6-8 individuals. Overall, the majority of the bigger tents can fit ten grown-ups. These tents generally start around 17ft X 12 and go up to 19.3 X16.5.

Large tents can accommodate around 5-6 people or more depending on the livability. When shopping for a tent, you have to look at the features of the tent.

 northwest territory tent customer service

Cabin Tent

These kinds of tents will quite often have a bigger limit than vault tents. Likewise, they will quite often have more of an assortment from which individuals can pick.

One of the most widely recognized sizes in this category is the 14 x 14. Some cabin tents can fit up to 12 people, so you can imagine the size. If you’re camping with a pack of people, you can choose the Northwest Territory vacation home with a closet.

What You Will Like About The Northwest Territory Sierra Dome Tent

One of the best things about the dome tent is that it’s very easy to assemble. For2 persons, you won’t find any difficulty in assembling this tent on the ground. The design is great and inspiring with two-tone colors. It creates contrast on the ground and makes it easy to spot.

Although Northwest Territory is popular, it doesn’t provide too much space for 2 people. While it may say that it’s a 2-person tent, it’s best for use for a single person. 

Moreover, it’s perfect for couples who want a bit of protection against the cold. Since the tent does not have enough mesh on top, it feels a little bit warm inside.

Meanwhile, the dome shape helps this tent remain stable against high wind. There are 4 stakes to support its establishment on the ground. It doesn’t shake much which makes your stay even worthwhile. Moreover, the curved sidewall lets the rain and snow shed easier or run off to the ground.

Northwest Territory Sierra Dome Tent is a favorite among young campers not only because of its colors but because it can make the whole camping journey wholesome.


Is Sierra dome tent worth my money?

Yes. If you’re looking for a very affordable tent that gives you a livable space and longevity, Northwest Territory never disappoints. This tent is good for novice campers but bigger tents are available for larger groups and family persons.

Is northwest territory tent customer service good?

When buying a tent, you should find a supplier that provides you with a great customer service. Thankfully, Northwest Territory does just that. We love that they have a top-notch customer service that answers your questions and cater to “change items” and returns especially when the tent is bought online. Customer service is important for tent buyers because it helps you resolve issues and make the most of your money.

What are the most amazing northwestern territory tent parts?

A noteworthy part of the Northwest Territory and tent is the wide door, comfortable seating, and enclosed tent. It keeps you warm during the night and makes it great for beach or lake camping. You can use it during fall, summer, or cold season. But we discourage using it during extreme weather conditions such as the winter as it not provide optimum waterproofing.

Are dome tents easy to put up?

Yes. Dome tents are very easy to put up. Dome tents are very worth purchasing because of their versatility and stability. You can put up the Northwest Territory Sierra dome tent in just 2-5 minutes even without the need for your partner’s help.

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