Northwest Territory Eagle River Tent Review

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When it comes to river tents, Northwest Territory is undeniably one of the celebrated brands because of its durability, convenience, and lightweight functionality. Today on the blog, we are going to discuss an unbiased review of the Northwest Territory eagle river tent review.

One of the most fun-loving and adventurous activities in the world is camping. It brings you closer to nature and helps you reconnect with yourself. This is why having a good camping tent will help you get the most out of your experience.

Northwest Territory is an ultimately reliable tent. Read on to learn whether or not buying a Northwest Territory is a great option for your next adventure.

Northwest 2 Camping Tent

The first on the rundown is the 2-man tent for campers by Northwest. Whether you are camping solo or going away with a partner, this tent is great for you. This tent gives you a comfortable air to invest energy with your cherished ones. You can set it up near a lake and under the sky brimming with stars.

What can be a superior plan to invest quality energy with your significant other or sweetheart? Although this tent is initially made for couples, it is still a great option for solo campers who want to enjoy lavish space.

  • Good ventilation system
  • Accommodation is great for 2 people
  • The easy setup process, no sweat
  • Very affordable

Northwest 6-Person Tent

Are you planning camping with your family, friends, or significant other? If you’re looking for a new tent, you will never go wrong with the Northwest 6-person tent. It boasts a huge interior area that provides everyone with a good sleep.

This tent features a dome design with a mesh exterior and a wonderful view of the outside. You can tweak the rainfly when it’s not raining, so you can enjoy the outdoor environment.

  • Great for 6 people
  • Installation is very easy
  • Has a good ventilation
  • The zipper is very smooth

An 8-person tent is available for a bigger pack. What we love about this tent is the fact that it is true to size. Mesh linings are located on top for stargazing during the night. It is waterproof, thanks to the separate rainfly you can put over the tent. Remove the rainfly in the morning to give you a beautiful view of the outdoor environment.

 northwest territory eagle river tent review
  • It has a good ventilation system.
  • Easy setup and takedown process
  • Tall people can accommodate easily.
  • This tent is super spacious.
  • About 8 people can easily sleep

Largest Northwest Territory Tent

The largest northwest territory tent is the 10ft screen house tent. Just like a house, this tent literally has a vast exterior that can accommodate 10 people. It has 100 square feet of floor area and people inside can stand.

There are storage bags to make travel easy and convenient. Whether it is a lazy Sunday afternoon in the wilderness or at the beach, the 10 feet screen house tent will provide the kind of shading you need against the scourging heat. This tent also makes a great canopy for your backyard barbecue.

6 Things to Remember When Buying A Tent

  1. Consider the number of people that will be accommodated by the tent you’re buying. Note that some tents will say that they can accommodate 6 people but the space is ideal only for 5 people. Make sure that you look at the size of the tent that you estimate the capacity while considering the sizes of the individuals in your group.
  2. Take a look at the weight. If your camping involves look trek and challenging terrains, you must look for lightweight camping tents. Northwest Territory has a lightweight category.
  3. Think about the condition of use. Some tents are better suited to summer weather days only while some are 3-season. If you plan to be constantly camping and making it a commitment, we recommend buying a 3-season tent, which can be used either in summer, fall, or winter.
  4. Make sure your tent is waterproof. You never know when it rains and it’s vital that you stay dry throughout the day or night.
  5. Consider the packability. Some tents, although they provide bigger space and thicker materials, are hard to pack. If you’re camping for longer days and you’re anticipating difficult terrains, look for a tent that is very easy to pack. Some tents can be rolled into a very small bags so you can insert them into a bigger backpack.
  6. Look at the price. We believe that it will all boil down to the price. Regardless of what you want, the price is always the determining factor. For us, it’s great to find an affordable tent that doesn’t break your pocket.


Is the extreme northwest territory tent worth it?

When it comes to something worth the money, the NorthWest Territory will never fail you. They have great, nicely design very durable tents. There are several options in terms of sizes, season, and waterproofing.

Is the eagle river tent easy to set up?

Absolutely yes. The Northwest Territory eagle river tent is one of the easiest tents to set up. You can set it up alone in 15 to 20 minutes compared with other tents of the same size. You can take it to the mountain but also great for lakeside camping, or beach camping.

What is the quick camp tent?

When camping, the best option would a be tent that is easy to set up. You don’t want to bring a tent that takes too long to set up. Otherwise, you won’t have enough time to tour around.

Eagle River Quick Camp tent instructions for setup?

First, lay down all the parts of the tent and start with the stake. Burry the stake at least 12 to 16 inches on the ground depending on its size. Attach the pole and vestibules correctly and connect the necessary parts to the tent. Then attach the covers and then the fly cover.

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