Mountain Hardwear Ac 2 Tent Review

Looking for a legit Mountain Hardwear AC 2 Tent review?

The mountain hardware AC 2 Tent is a single wall tent for high-altitude camping. IT features DAC Featherlight NSL poles and tension arch design that is crucial to build a stable structure albeit the altitude and sloping hillside.

It allows speedy pitching, thanks to the color-coded tabs and stakes.  Plus, the full mesh door provides good ventilation all through the interior. You can, however, close it during harsh weather days. The vestibule and footprint are sold separately but it includes a removable mesh pocket for interior storage.

Well, if you’re shopping for a mountain tent and you cannot decide which one to buy, you can use this guide to determine whether Mountain Hardwear is the brand for you.

Why Campers Like The Mountain Hardwear AC 2 Tent

Many campers like the Mountain Hardwear AC 2tnet for its versatility. It’s 4 seasons which means, it can withstand various season, including rain and snow. The b best thing about this tent is that it can be packed downs smalls you can take it mountaineering in the alps. Its rip-stop fabric includes ruggedly waterproof coatings that keeps you dry throughout the day of usage.

 How good is Mountain Hardwear?

Since it is designed especially for mountaineers, you would notice that the DAC feather-lite poles are slim. Weighing only at three pounds, you won’t get a hard job carrying it on your back.

Another think to love is the non-stretch pole sleeves.  The front door does not take up a full wall for ease of entry but full closure is available when wind starts to blow.

3-Season Tents Vs. 4-Season Tents Mountain Hardwear        

Spring journey, summer hiking trips, fall campouts-most common outdoor adventures 3-season tent. 3-season tents are planned fundamentally to keep your pack light while as yet offering assurance from bugs, wind and downpour. Along these lines, they’re regularly worked of lighter textures and element more cross section for breathability and wind stream. They likewise normally utilize a twofold divider development (tent body + rainfly) for more noteworthy flexibility.

A 3-season tent can go from featherweight models for quick and-light backwoods travel to beefier and hotter models that are incredible for front-country setting up camp. Most can deal with beating precipitation and light dustings of snow. However, the lightest weight models are not extraordinary for broadened times of unforgiving climate.

On the other hand, the main job of a 4-season tent is to protect the camper from outrageous climate. Hence, 4-season tents should be solid and durable. They highlight unbending shapes and shaft calculations that permit them to bear significant snow loads and strong breezes. They likewise highlight more tough textures as the snow, ice and rock of the elevated conditions where they are most generally utilized can be heartlessly grating.

 how to recondition mountain hardwear four season tent?

Since warmth is significant, 4-season tents enormously diminish or take out network on the tent body. Some mesh “windows” that can be zipped closed to seal out the components. The expansion of snow folds around the tent’s border on certain models keeps snow and cold air from blowing inside.

Sealing A Mountain Hardwear Tent After Use

Because of the arid conditions in the mountain, it’s possible that your tent will have cuts and incisions. The following are some steps to seal it.

  • Set your tent up in a dry, radiant spot or splendidly lit room so you can without much of a stretch analyze the creases in general. You will seal creases on the underside of the fly and the internal side of the tent body. It’s useful to put the fly on back to front for simpler admittance to the creases.
  • Assuming you observe crease tape that is coming free on the underside of the fly, tenderly eliminate any stripping segments, yet leave in one-piece segments set up.
  • Prep the creases by delicately cleaning them with a cloth and alcohol.
  • Apply urethane to seal the seams.
  • On the off chance that one crease is starting to fall flat, the rest probably won’t be a long way behind, so you might need to apply crease sealer to every one of the creases.
  • Permit the crease sealer to dry totally.


How good is Mountain Hardwear?

Mountain Hardwear is absolutely a good brand of tent. What makes it unique is the fact that it uses eco-safe materials that are free of flame retardant chemicals. It suits a range of backcountry camping where shelter is required. It’s great for flat surfaces and summer camping.

Who is Mountain Hardwear owned by?

Mountain Hardware is a subsidiary of Columbia sportwear, a company based in Richmond. Founded by a small band of outdoor industry enthusiasts, Mountain Hardwear expertise in selling outdoor camping tents and other tents. It produces mainly eco-friendly products, which is only parallel with the purpose of nature tripping.

How To Waterproof A Mountain Hardwear Tent?

Mountain hardware tent has a fly cover, which you can put on top of the tent layer to protect it from the rain. There are many other ways to improve the waterproof protection of Mountain Hardware tent such as sealing the seams or refreshing the urethane coating. You can also refresh the durable water repellent (DWR) structure of your tent. Normally, when your Mountain Hardwear tent is extensively used, its waterproof features may reduce due to wear and tear.

How To Set Up Mountain Hardwear Tent?

To set up a Mountain Hardwear Tent start with the stakes. Stake it up and then fix the pole. The poles are colored so it’s very easy to find their match. Once done, you can lay down the covering or tent layer. Even if there’s no rain, you must attach the fly cover to make it waterproof. Once done, attach the remaining stakes to make it sturdy.

How To Recondition Mountain Hardwear Four Season Tents?

To recondition your Mountain Hardwear, clean it first. You can scrub off dirt and dry it down. Seal the seams if you see holes around the stitches. Waterproof coatings and stitch incisions. Don’t neglect your tent otherwise it becomes flaky, tacky, and smelly. You can use a tent conditioner when washing it so it smells good later.

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