Klymit Cross Canyon 2 Person Tent Review

This Klymit Cross Canyon 2 person tent review is all you need to make the wisest decision when purchasing a tent.   

 The Cross Canyon Tent 2 person tent is an ideal option for a weekend warrior tent. You are going to love the comfortable interior of this tent-like no other. Built with premium materials, this tent will have you wowing all the time.

When it comes to freestanding tents, the Cross Canyon 2-person tent will not disappoint. A free-standing tent is a staking-less tent that can hold its own body. While no stake holds it on the ground, it gets the main strength from the connecting pole. You can move it around without limping.

The best benefit of buying a free-standing tent is the fact that it that be brought anywhere you want to. Portability is at its finest and it will never give you a backache during your whole trekking activity. Even so, it also has its disadvantage like many other tents.  

What You Will Like About The Klymit Cross Canyon 2 Person Tent

Freestanding tents are always perfect for summer camping. Besides being easy to set up, they’re ultimately lightweight and easy to carry for campers. It combines breathability, adequate storage, and lightweight features.  

It is perfect for couples who want to occasionally enjoy backcountry camping. It features 31 square feet of floor and two doors, which makes the interior quite cozy. There are three overhead hanging pockets where you can place your belonging as you wander around the camping site.

It only weighs 6 pounds, which makes it very light. It is the second lightest tent from the Ozark Light Trail tent, which is first on the list. This is the tent is very simple. Although the lack of designs and attractive colors or structure is seen as a disadvantage for many people, we believe comfort should always come first. Even though this tent has a simple layout, we love how comfortable it is.

  • Setup is a breeze
  • The overhead storage is very useful for your stuff
  • Very affordable especially for young campers

What You Will Not Like With The Klymit Cross Can 2-Person Tent

 cross canyon

Traditionally, tents should be staked out to strengthen their anchor to the ground. It maximizes the floor plan and makes sure that it doesn’t shake when the wind blows. Moreover, stakes are important for a fly cover to create vestibule space for the gear. Consequently, the moisture coming from rain will simply slide down.

For this reason, freestanding tents are bought only for a specific purpose. If rain or snow is not an issue in your destination and you want to pack light, you will benefit from the Klymit Cross 2-person tent. The following are some shortcomings of this tent.

  • The tarp underneath the tent is quite thin which might end up tearing at the bottom when hit by sharp rocks
  • There have been complaints that the size is pretty small for 2 people
  • It shakes with strong winds due to a lack of stakes

Freestanding Vs. Non-Freestanding Tents: Which Tent Should You Choose?

Free-standing tents utilize included poles to stand up. They are not appended to anything and can be moved around without losing their structure.

On the other hand, non-freestanding tents need rope or line joined to metal stakes which you should push or pound into the ground. Without them, they don’t keep their shape. They may likewise utilize your trekking posts to stand up. The following is a comprehensive comparison of the pros and cons of the two types of tents.

 Pros of Freestanding Tents

  • Quite flexible since you can put it up anywhere
  • It sets up faster and can be transferred anytime, anywhere
  • No need for trekking poles and additional gears for setup
  • Can be picked or shaken to clean the interior

Cons of Freestanding Tents

  • It can be blown easily when the wind is strong
  • Not advisable for mountain climbers and in areas where strong winds are forecasted
  • Less waterproof, without stakes water can enter easily on the base or the exposed sides of the tent
  • Less warm especially if you choose the bigger tents

Pros of Non-freestanding Tents

  • More stable and can withstand strong wind blows
  • More waterproof
  • Easier to repair and find a replacement
  • Faster to set up once you are used to it
  • Warmer and can be used for more rigid camping

Cons of Non-freestanding Tents

  • Stakes may come out; hence you must find tents with bigger stakes if you’re camping in the mountain
  • Doesn’t work on gravel, rock, or hard surfaces
  • Difficult to move in case you need to transfer right away
  • Some staked tents require trekking poles
  • Harder to clean out
 How do I start canyoning?


Should I buy the Cross Canyon brand?

Absolutely, yes. Cross Canyon is a popular brand of tents in the United States. They are known for their very cheap tents that have become one of the favorites among younger campers. If you are into freestanding tents, Cross Canyon will not disappoint.

What equipment is needed for canyoning?

It depends on the kind of program you’re enrolled in. Generally, you need canyon shoes considering that you will be passing through rivers and waterfalls, and might climb into rocks. You need comfortable, durable shoes that have excellent ground grip. It’s also vital to invest in a wetsuit that will keep you warm.

How do I start canyoning?

First, start training in your home. You need to work on your legs and increase your endurance. Improve your muscle strength as you will most probably be clinging to rocks or pulling yourself in ropes just to get to the top. Know how to swim considering that you will be engaged with rivers and deeper falls. Practice cardio in the home. There’s an option to DIY your workout routine or enroll in proper programs to help you prepare for the actual canyoning activity.

Is the Klymit cross canyon 2 person tent worth the price?

Yes. Cross Canyon 2 person tent is designed for rocky grounds or terrains. Since you cannot stake a tent on hard surfaces, a freestanding tent like this Klymit cross canyon 2-person tent will be your best friend.

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