Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent Review: The Best Features That Make This Tent Worthwhile

If you are thinking of buying big family tents for camping, read our long-awaited Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent review and find out if it is ideal for you.

Finding the perfect camping tent doesn’t have to be a preoccupation that requires days and days of thinking and weighing the pros and cons. However, choosing a tent should not be taken lightly, as it is your safe palace on the road.

That’s why our team of experts is here to help you.  We make it easy for you to find the right camping tent by bringing you the latest product information. Read our Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent review and find out if it is truly the ideal choice to meet all your needs.

Getting To Know The Company

World Famous Sports Inc is one of the largest companies dealing with this margin since 1988. They are not limited to tents, but also produce several quality lines related to camping equipment, hunting equipment, and even clothing.

Accordingly, they offer everything needed to meet the needs of every customer, whether they want to ski on fresh snow, hike on sunny trails or maybe even hunt on safari or prairie. They can really be a part of everyone’s journey.

Did you know that World Famous Sports Inc is a third-generation family business? It is really nice in this busy time to meet people who provide personalized care and who are able to act on the suggestions, wishes, and needs of customers.

We must not forget that the company is open to all suggestions and criticisms, so don’t hesitate to contact them in case of ambiguity. The mantra they follow is very short but interesting, and that is to produce items that the whole family can afford and enjoy. In collaboration with several of its partners, WFS produces clothing for the whole family, from infants to adults 6X, in all price ranges, so there is no barrier that everyone can be dressed to enjoy the outdoors.

Now that you’ve met the manufacturer, it’s time to finally start this Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent review.

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Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent Review

Who Is It For?

This Golden Bear Colter Bay tent is designed for 6 true lovers of Mother Nature and all the blessings she brings. We must not forget to mention that it is intended for all those campers who prefer comfort to crampedness, as well as those who like to take a lot of stuff because they are always afraid that they might need something they didn’t take on the trip.

Main Features

What would this Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent review look like if we hadn’t looked at the main features of this tent? So let’s get to the point.

Size & Material

Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent is quite spacious, namely, it has a 12 ‘x 8’ base and 6 ‘/ 72 “center height, so it can easily accommodate 6 adults.

The walls of this six-person tent are made of 800mm polyurethane-coated shell, while on the other hand the spacious floor is made of 1000mm denier polyethylene. Polyurethane and polyethylene materials are often used to make Golden Bear tents, which actually guarantee that they will be suitable for all weather conditions.

The tent also has a rain cover that comes with taped seams and provides you with additional protection in case of sudden rain. As for the shock-corded poles, they are made of fiberglass, with a speed clip assembly. Best of all, poles can be attached with very little effort, and in turn, give you stability and structure to your tent. Since this is a heavy-duty, coated camping tent, with taped seams, you should stay dry even in the worst of weather.


What readers of this Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent review will like most is the fact that this tent has bug-free lounging. So, you can lie down to your heart’s content without being disturbed by creepy-crawly creatures. In addition, it also features extra ventilation in a separate screened-in room.

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It is very easy to transport from place to place as this tent comes with a storage bag included. The bag does not take up much space and can be stored in any part of your car without disturbing you. As for its dimensions, they are approximately (L x W x H) 26.8 x 10.4 x 10.2 inches.

Lastly, here’s a treat for technology lovers. Did you know that by staying in this tent you don’t have to give up 21st-century things? Namely, it has an E-Port, so you can easily run an extension cord through the E-Port and you can have as much power as you want. You don’t have to worry about not having lights if you need them or your devices running out of batteries.

This part concludes this Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent review. Now let’s get to the final words.

To Wrap Things Up

This tent is a great way to enjoy outdoor activities. This tent can unconditionally accommodate up to 6 people. We must emphasize some of its main features, which are a front enclosed screen porch with an inverted T-style door, as well as a Dutch D-style door with an inside flap.

This Golden Bear Colter Bay tent also comes with an E-port, gear loft, mud flap, 2-section organizer, as well as a storage bag, and all the necessary instructions for safe assembly and use.

Now that you have read this Golden Bear Colter Bay 6-Person Tent review we have one very important question for you. Have you already formed your opinion about it, will you buy it or would you rather pass it? Write to us in the comments below.

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 How big of a tent do I need for 6 people?


How Big Of A Tent Do I Need For 6 People?

As for tents that can accommodate 6 people, they usually have 90 to 120 square feet of floor area and standing height. As for the length along the wall, it is usually 11' x 11' (square) or 12' x 8' (rectangular).

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