Evrgrn Starry Night Tent Review / The Most Interesting Features Of This 2-Person Tent

Read our Evrgrn Starry Night Tent review and find out everything you need to know about this rather popular camping tent.

Many will agree that camping is the best way to get yourself and your loved ones outdoors right now. Unfortunately, most of us can recall the experience of a bad tent. Are you familiar with the following scenario: angry and dissatisfied parents, poles snapping in the wind, cramped quarters, and a long sleepless night?

The right (and appropriate) tent really makes a difference and can make your vacation a lot better. Looking for the perfect tent with a sky view? – We’ve got you. Check out our Evrgrn Starry Night Tent review and find out if it’s ideal for you.

A Brief Introduction To The Company

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Now that we’ve gotten to know this co-op, it’s time to move on to the Evrgrn Starry Night Tent review.

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Evrgrn Starry Night Tent Review

What Is This Tent All About?

Designed for all people who want to sleep under the stars while still having the safety and comfort of a tent, the Evrgrn Starry Night Tent combines traditional and modern styles.

This tent was originally designed for two adults and has 2 large doors along which you can enjoy the breeze and shade while hanging out in the tent midday. In addition, this tent has a fairly easy exit to the outhouse, so you should have no problem going out in the middle of the night.

Experienced campers suggest that if you want to have maximum airflow during the day, leave both doors open. This is a great thing because since it is a tent with a sky view, you can have both, the maximum views and a great cross-breeze.

What will probably interest all readers of this Evrgrn Starry Night Tent review is its seamless mesh moonroof. Namely, the rainfly can be rolled halfway back or even all the way to take full advantage of the innovative moonroof.

Who Is This Tent For?

This tent is intended for all casual campers who want to sleep comfortably and still have a good view of the starry sky. It is ideal for two people so it will be a great choice for you and your loved one, with space/room for your pet, or even a 3rd person if you don’t mind getting close.

Technical Specs

A more detailed part of this Evrgrn Starry Night tent review will start with the technical specifications.

Seasons 3-season


Floor Dimensions


90 x 60 inches
Floor Area


37.5 square feet
Packaged Weight


8 lbs. 10 oz.
Sleeping Capacity 2-person


Peak Height


3 ft. 10 in.

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Key Features

This Evrgrn Starry Night Tent review would not be complete without a few sentences about its key features.

Two Large Doors: These pretty big doors let you enjoy a cross-breeze as well as shade, and are great for anyone who likes to enjoy their privacy when on a public campsite.

Mesh roof: The mesh ceiling is essentially see-through and provides great opportunities for watching the stars, especially for pleasant and warm evenings when there is no risk of getting wet from the rain. It is also adorned with exceptional simplicity, all you need to do is remove the rain fly when you know you have not got to have rain and sleep under the stars.

Rainfly: We must emphasize that the Evrgrn Starry Night Tent features the adjustable rainfly, which can be of great help if you accidentally come across worse elements than you expected. In addition, it can be rolled halfway back or all the way to take full advantage of the seamless mesh roof.

Fast & Easy Set-Up: This is one of the most important features, which actually interests most readers of this Evrgrn Starry Night Tent review. So, this tent is super quick and easy to set up, which actually means you can go from car to full-on campout mode in just minutes.

Poles: The poles are made of ultra-lightweight aluminum, and are easy to set up. Most importantly, such a specific design creates a lot of headroom, perhaps even more than in other, similar tents, providing better livability and convenience.

Water resistance: This tent with a sky view is completely made of waterproof fabric, and accordingly will not let the rain dampen your gear or your good times.

In Conclusion

The Evrgrn Starry Night Tent is one of the easiest tents to assemble and break down. Many owners of this model like to joke that the assembly is so fast that they manage to drink the first can of beer before their companions settle down. Furthermore, the simple, rectangular design is intuitive and packs neatly, making it a great choice whether you’re traveling on foot or on four wheels.

We hope you found this Evrgrn Starry Night Tent review helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know in the section below.

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