Best CORE Blackout Tent Review – Is It Right For You?

Looking for a special CORE blackout tent review?

Welcome to the mysterious world of black-out tents. Most modern family tents have light-diffused interior features or darkened bedrooms, in order to promote a better night’s sleep. Early morning sunrise can be a curse for many people so, especially during summer, so a tent with a light-diffused interior will definitely serve you well.

Fortunately, Coleman was the very first brand to release the concept of blackout tents. Hence, you can see a lot of black-out tents from Coleman.

Different Types Of Blackout Tents

Lights out Bedrooms

These types of tents have been used traditionally for years. The key for most brands is to use darker fabric to reduce the lights coming inside. These inner tents are not complete without iconic blackout and sunlight blockers, so the amount of sunrise coming in the morning is entirely diffused.


  • It allows some light into the bedrooms
  • It provides breathable rooms to reduce condensation

 Are blackout tents hot?

Nightfall Bedrooms

This is a new concept, which just started out in 2020. This type of tent offers darker bedrooms but is not totally blackout. It still allows an eclipse of light to enter but not too much that it can disturb your sleep in the morning.

Key features:

  • A much darker bedroom reducing light entry but not totally dark
  • Promotes better sleep at night
  • Breathable fabric to reduce condensation

Pros And Cons Of Coleman Blackout Tents 

There are various varieties of the Coleman Blackout tent series. But one notable version is the Coleman Mackenzie 4 Blackout Tent. If you have noticed, black-out tents are always great for more people camping together.

What You Will Like: 

  • It provides a lot of space for a 4-person tent and has a great head height for standing. This is a great tent if you plan to set a camp for a few days in just one particular area.
  • There is a handy storage space and a well-laced zip stopper for your personal belongings.
  • Not all parts of the tent are blacked out. There’s a transparent balcony where you can enjoy the view of your surroundings. But the blackout fabric in the bedroom works great. It lets you sleep past dawn and makes the tent feel like your home.
  • More robust and a lot sturdier compared with other models.
  •      You can pitch quite easily and fits easily back into the bag when you pack it away.

What You Will Not:

  • It is quite heavy considering it’s a family tent. It requires to be carried on a bike or if you’re in RV, you need to keep it in a particular spot inside.
  • The price is steep so if you’re on a budget, this might not be the best tent for you.

Other Uses Of A Blackout Tent 

Unique Use of Lighting

There is a motivation behind why light-related occasions just occur around evening time – lighting and the outside don’t exactly work out in a good way in the day, particularly for a bright place. Indeed, even using an enclosed tent makes it difficult to establish a complete blackout environment or the divider doesn’t have power outage capacity.

Did you know that there are bigger blackout tents intended for bigger events? Bigger blackout tents are focused on simply trapping lights inside to create an incredible effect during the night.

An Interesting Look and Feel

Blackout tents might look equivalent to traditional tents however offers an entirely different interior. For occasions that occur outside be it weddings, parties, design runway, and corporate occasions, blackout tents give visitors the “wow” factor in intriguing your visitor.

Also, once you enlighten the inside with lights, it makes an extraordinary vibe, feel, and astonishing-looking pictures!

Comfortable Cradle

 dark tent

Blackout tents are always ideal for family camping. Kids can be sensitive to light during the night or day. To ensure kids get the best sleep and have great energy the next day, you would want to invest in a blackout tent.

Warmth Through the Winter

Light-colored tent feels cool and airy because of their colors. Sometimes, when you see more colors, it feels fresher but darker tents tend to trap heat inside. Not only dark colors will help keep everyone warm but it also makes everyone feel secure. The darker tent also tends to have thicker and heavier materials, making it harder for air pressure to pass through the tiny holes and even in the seams. You can expect air to enter and escape through the designated mesh.


Are Blackout Tents Hot?

The answer is a quick yes. A blackout tent doesn’t only diffuse the light coming in but because most of the blackout tents are too enclosed, it somehow makes the interior warm. This makes this type of tent also great for winter outings. Nevertheless, there’s still ventilation through the mesh.

How To Blackout A Tent?

For some people, sun rays coming from every corner of the tent can be quite annoying. It’s simply an unwanted effect of camping but if you have a daylight tent, you can still black it out. You can buy blackout accessories and padding, which you can place on the bottom, side, or top of your tent. A dark fly cover will also help diffuse the light that comes into your tent. You also have the option to cover your bedroom with a pod.

When Should I buy a Dark Tent?

Dark tents are always beneficial in blacking out unwanted sunrays that get through the interior in the morning. Remember, the reason you’re camping is that you want to get the most of your time. This isn’t your regular working day when you need to wake up early to prepare. You can sleep all you want until 12 pm, only to wake up and eat your lunch, and then go for a quick hiking activity.

Is Sun Blocking Tent Enough to Diffuse light?

As long as you have good sun-blocking pads or fly cover, then you’re good. You can buy various tent accessories online and it doesn’t have to be the same brand as your tent.

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