Best CORE 6 Person Blackout Tent Review

Looking for the best CORE 6 person blackout tent review? We have gathered the best reviews from camping enthusiasts so you can leverage a comprehensive look into this wonderful tent.

Looking at the physical structure, we believe CORE wants to play a little with this tent. As the name goes, “blackout”, it’s a black-out tent because it blocks all your views. This tent block out various things considering its overall dark materials. Expect the interior to be extremely dark and out of sunlight. Some brands use dark rooms or dark rest to explain lightless interiors. But can you think why some people like dark tents, instead of seeing more of the outside?

Will it be great for first-time campers? Is it light enough to carry through the trek? That’s what we need to find out here, including an in-depth review of the CORE 6-person blackout tent.

All About The Core 6 Person Blackout Tent 

This is a pretty straightforward one-room dome-shaped tent upheld by three crossed posts. So, there are 3 crossing points of the shafts and this makes the design generally steady from there.

Note that the fly connects to the base with lashes, so you can move and turn the tent in any event when the fly is on. Yet, you have 11 straightforward J-stakes to fix the tent to the ground, so never miss doing this.

The tent has one entryway for everyone. It is modestly tall with its 66 inches (168 cm) top stature and surprisingly, no windows at all. This tent has a very specific purpose and unless you’re stargazing or simply wanting to enjoy the outdoors, you wouldn’t dare buy this tent.

The main purpose of the blackout tent is to remove all the light from the inside. So even when the sun is up, you can keep undisturbed inside. This is great for explorers and campers, who often make discoveries during the night and sleep during daylight. Moreover, there are just people who prefer darker or light-diffused interiors.

 Are blackout tents hot?


The shade is generally fabric yet there are two three-sided network segments on the top. There’s an enormous floor vent on the rear, see the image underneath. There is additionally a fly vent with a stiffener displayed in the image, so this ought to be sufficient when you need to keep the entryway shut on account of a downpour.


This tent comes with three posts made of fiberglass materials. Two poles are identical, which can be interchanged. But the third one is different and also has a different color. You can attach them to the base of the tent using the clips and, on the roof, you have a sleeve.

Who Is Tent For?

In terms of dimension, this tent is perfectly great for 6 people. The tent is huge enough to fit in 2 queen size beds but you just need to expect that there’s not going to be any space left if you do so. If you have 5 in the pax, the tent will give plenty of room for people to move.

Speaking of climate, this tent can work great in a cooler environment. OR when you’re camping during the winter. The tent is well-ventilated but the fact that it diffuses the light in the interior makes it not fit for the warm climate. Dark interiors can be quite suffocating the way they look. Moreover, during warm weather days, you would rather have a tent with lots of mesh.

The dark rest fabric of the CORE blackout tent makes it ideal for use in the northern areas with few dark hours during the night. Hence, you can sleep longer. It’s great for parents and kids that need quite long naps to tackle another day of adventure.

 In terms of weight, don’t expect a 6-person tent to be light. You can either carry this tent regardless of the weight or carry it on a bicycle.  

 Are core tents any good?

A Summary Of Features Of The CORE 6-person Tent

  • Huge vents for great ventilation but the room inside is dark
  • Instant setup leaves you more time to relax and explore the outdoors
  • Strong steel poles keep the tent on the ground even during the windy season
  • Great performance in terms of keeping you warm – something to do with the dark color blocks cold away
  • Waterproof and keeps away rainwater except when the rain is too strong 


Are core tents any good?

Assuming that you're on a limited spending plan and you want a minimal expense when shopping for tents, then this likely isn't the best tent for you. It isn't the least expensive tent on the market. You may want to try to look into the Coleman Instant Cabin tents, which can fit 6 people but are very affordable. Nevertheless, if you're not looking into your budget, this tent will give you excellent features, especially during colder weather days. Plus the huge wall organizers are awesome.

What is a good tent for 6 people?

Many tents can accommodate 6 people. The right tent for you depends on what you need. You can shop around the nearest shop or buy online. Generally, you will need a tent that has a large space, lots of ventilation, a large entryway, and probably a good view of the outdoors. Except when you’re camping in cooler and icy locations, you will need a blackout tent.

Are blackout tents hot?

The quick answer is yes. Blackout tents are great at keeping heat inside. Although it has some mesh to keep the air flowing, it’s hotter compared with other tents.

Is a core 6 person tent with block-out technology right for me?

It depends on your goal. Block out technology is best for people who camp in the cold and need longer hours of sleep. Since it blacks out sunlight or diffuses the light coming through the mesh, this tent will give you the ample rest you need for another day of adventure. This is also an excellent option for families. As for kids, they need a lot of naps and this tent will mimic the night effects of your bedroom. Hence, you all can enjoy a good sleep.

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