Best Coleman Rolling Meadows Tent Review

Looking for a sensible Coleman rolling meadows tent review? Look no further, today we’ll grace you with the best possible review of this infamous tent.

This tent measures exactly 10 x 9 inches. Again, Coleman has impressed campers with high-quality tents just like this one. If you’re looking for the best deal, you will like the rolling meadows. It can fit 5-6 people and has a large rolling entryway and interior.

Compared with other tents, it boasts a 7.5-foot peak height, which can accommodate everyone without making the interior feel more constricted. It offers enough room to stand up and stretch as needed. It’s great for campers who come in packs or for families looking forward to sleeping in one place after a tiresome outdoor excursion.

Pros And Cons Of The Coleman Rolling Meadows Domes Tent 

What You Will Like: 

  • The Rolling Meadows is a three-season tent with sturdy construction, fly cover protection from rain, and strong ground stakes. It’s great for medium to average difficulty camping.

It has a large floor with a 7.5 peak height, which makes it great for families. There are mesh windows that keep the ventilation going. 

  • Kids like fresh and cozy interiors especially considering the unexpected stress of outdoor camping. This tent will definitely give you comfort. 
  • It has a floor space of 69 square meters, which is quite huge. There’s lots of space inside and also some interior pockets for your belongings.

What You Will Not:

  • It weighs 14.59lb which means, it’s not the lightest tent you can bring for the entire family. You can carry it on a bike or a campervan. But don’t expect to go more distance as it can be quite heavy. 
  • It says it can accommodate 6 people, but only applicable for small to medium body frames. For campers with large body frames, this tent might feel a little bit tight.
  • Although it says, it is a three-season tent, water can still get inside if the rain is too strong. 

 coleman meadow falls

Benefits Of Camping With Coleman Rolling Meadows Tent

Best Avenue to Bond with Family

What’s a superior method for bonding as a family than being out in the center of the forest? Through setting up camp, families figure out how to cooperate and issue settle to have some good times and fruitful setting up camp insight. It’s additionally an awesome time for youngsters to gain from their folks and foster a more noteworthy degree of regard.

Boost self-confidence among teenagers

Setting up the tent, lighting a fire, preparing a feast; are movements of every kind that, once finished effectively, can help children (and grown-ups) develop astutely. As a matter of fact, setting up camp much of the time can foster good relationships among kids and siblings. 

Improves Problem Solving Skills

Setting up camp requires a lot of critical thinking from the second you show up at the campground. Families need to figure out how to appropriately set up a shelter so they stay dry and safe, light a fire so they are warm and can prepare dinners, and, obviously, you can’t lose all sense of direction in the forest so somebody needs to figure where to climb and how to make a path home. Other setting up camp exercises like fishing, climbing, kayaking and a run-of-the-mill round of horseshoes likewise include critical thinking abilities!

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Studies have shown that being outside further develops mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, being loose and disregarding the concerns of the world, can likewise assist an individual with working on their actual wellbeing. Ultimately, setting up camp frequently includes some type of activity, and we as a whole know that being actually dynamic works on mental and actual wellbeing!

Packing Your Coleman Rolling Meadows Tent

Folding Your Tent

Spread the tent body on the ground. Overlap the tent body freely in thirds the long way. Ensure that the entryways of the tent are left open prior to collapsing so the caught air can escape without any problem. You can overlay a tent performance however it would be more straightforward with a companion assisting with the collapsing.

Rolling Your Tent

In the wake of collapsing the tent body, welcome the fly on the collapsed tent body. The fly ought not to be more extensive than the tent body.

Put the tent posts toward one side of the tent. Begin moving the tent around the tent posts from this finish to the next. The heaviness of the tent will assist with pushing the tent and disposing of any air inside. Continue to move by your knees. When rolled, put the tent in its sack.

 coleman rolling meadows tent review


Once your Coleman Rolling Meadow tent has been fully kept, the last thing you want to do is attach it to the bottom of your backpack or put it inside. Since this one is larger, you can carry it using its backpack.


Is the Coleman Rolling Meadows Dome Tent Right for Me?

Absolutely yes. If you’re camping with friends or family, why not buy Coleman’s Rolling Meadows Dome Tent. It’s big, waterproof, and definitely a good 3-season tent. It’s very easy to set up and much when you have helping hands with you. Although Coleman is more expensive, they can be worth the price.

Is a Rolling Tent great for camping?

A rolling tent is always great for camping. All you need to do is just roll it up after your adventure and carry it on your back. Thankfully, the rolling meadows by Coleman are one of the best camping tents that offer you both comfort and convenience.

What is the best feature of the Coleman Meadow Falls?

Coleman meadow falls tent offers great space, durable materials, and lightweight structure. Coleman always stars with their lightweight tent, which makes it a great tent for camping.

How to choose the best Meadows Camp Area?

Where you camp depends on your goals. Since you’re going with a family, find somewhere that comes with a great place to explore. Flat grounded camping areas are better than high-altitude places if you have kids. Of course, you can trek, move, and explore. Camping by the lake and setting up a campfire is also another option.

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