Best Coleman River Gorge Sleeping Bag Review

Looking for the best Coleman River Gorge Sleeping bag review?

Let’s take the guesswork out and help you identify whether the Coleman River Gorge is great for you.

If you want just one sleeping, Coleman will never make you regret it. Of course, finding something that can keep you warm while you’re camping is a must. Thanks to modern inventions, some sleeping bags come with thermal insulation to secure you during the night.

Shopping for sleeping backs can be trickier than you can imagine. Let’s get the ball rolling and learn a thing or two about the River Gorge sleeping bag by Coleman.

All About The Coleman River Gorge Sleeping Bag

When you think of economical camping gear, there is one name that’s hard to ignore – Coleman. The Coleman River Gorge Sleeping bag is a unique addition to your camping arsenal. This rectangular sleeping bag is already a good deal being sold at only $35+.

 coleman river gorge sleeping bag review

The top piece of the sack has a slim sheet layer under the super cushioned part of the hiking bed. On humid evenings, you can unfasten the cushioned area and rest under the sheet, and on chilly evenings, it should keep you warm down to temperatures of around 30 to 40°F.

For those evenings when you can’t sort out what temperature you need to be, you can unfasten only the top or cushioned base area, then, at that point, zip it back up assuming you awaken cold during the evening. You don’t get a stuff sack given the camping bed, which I feel is somewhat of an oversight.

Assuming you want to pack it down, you can undoubtedly purchase a pressure pack that will make a preferred showing over the stuff sacks you will quite often get with modest camping beds. The Coleman Adjustable Comfort arrives in a customary and a “Major and Tall” rendition.


  • – It has flexible features for different temperatures
  • – There is an XL option
  • – Pillow pad


  • – Doesn’t come with a stuff sack
  • – Zip can come undone while you sleep if you move too much

7 Reasons To Buy A Sleeping Bag

If you haven’t decided whether you need a sleeping bag or not, we have compiled some valuable reasons why you might need a sleeping bag.

Temperature Ratings

Sleeping bags have different temperature evaluations. Sleeping bags with 20° C or less is ideal for summer campers, while a goose down the pack with a rating of at minimum – 20°C is more fitting for winter setting up camp.

Protection Material

There are two kinds of protection: down protection and synthetic. Each has its advantages. Manufactured camping cots are flexible and can in any case store heat in any event, when moist. A goose down, then again, is lighter in weight and performs better in the chilly, dry climate.


 how to fold a coleman sleeping bag

Campers will be dozing on the ground. A hiking bed can in any case give your back a touch of the pad. Add a dozing cushion if that isn’t enough for you. It’s a long way from your bed at home, yet it is to the point of making it lights-out time for you. An air bed gives more pad than hiking beds however you must be cautious in picking one.


The experience starts when you get out of your doorstep. It’s generally better to be ready. Although sleeping bags are a far cry from your cozy and foamy bed in the home, it still gives you a cushion at night in the wilderness. It shields your body from cold and avoids hypothermia.

 It Is compact

The heaviness of the setting up camp stuff should generally be viewed as while pressing for an outing. For those going via vehicle or camper vans, bringing an air bed wouldn’t be an over-the-top test. Backpackers who prefer trekking and trailing must opt for lightweight sleeping bags. The best benefit of a sleeping bag is that you can roll it up and carry it on your bag. No hassles are required.

Tips When Shopping For A Sleeping Bag

 how to roll up a coleman sleeping bag

Shop around with a purpose. First ask yourself whether you’re buying a sleeping bag for backpacking, trekking, or camping. If you’re simply camping, you can opt for a camping bag that is bulkier and more geared towards comfort. But you don’t want to carry this kind of sleeping bag if you’re trekking because it’s heavy. If you’re backpacking, you should opt for lighter options like the Coleman River gorge sleeping bag.

Look at the construction. Some bags are not thick enough to give you comfort. Choose the size appropriately according to what is necessary and not just because you like it.

Know the temperature rating. Bags are supposed to give you heat during the night. Summer bags can be 35 degrees and up, 3 season bags are 15-30 degrees up, while winter bags can withstand 10 degrees and below.


How To Wash A Coleman Sleeping Bag?

You don’t always have to wash the Coleman sleeping bag. IN case you’ve slept under muddy conditions, you can wash it whenever you see a stream or river during your camping trail, and then hang it around. IN any case, you can wash it with detergent and water when you reach home.

How To Zip Up A Coleman Sleeping Bag?

The zipping mechanism of Coleman sleeping bags is pretty simple. Just like closing your jeans, you can just run the zipper to close. But first, make you are already inside the sleeping bag.

How To Roll Up A Coleman Sleeping Bag?

Deflate the bag if necessary and lay it down on the ground. Then you can start to roll it up as thin as you can. Once down, you can clasp it under your bag so you can continue with your journey.

How To Fold A Coleman Sleeping Bag?

Folding a Coleman sleeping bag is a one-man task. Just fold it in half, fasten the toggle and loop it in position. Then you can start rolling it while gradually squeezing extra air and pressure.

What Is A Coleman 3 In 1 Sleeping Bag?

The Coleman 3-in-1 sleeping bag is a 2-person sleeping bag. It’s big enough to accommodate 2 people with its durable polyester cover. The poly-cotton liner also helps make the bag more comfortable.

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