Coleman Instant Tent Review / All The Most Important Features Of This Simple 4-Person Tent

Read our Coleman Instant Tent review and find out if this tent can meet all your expectations.

The Coleman Instant Tent 4 is our latest discovery. This phenomenal tent is perfect for all those campers who don’t want to mess with a pile of poles and complicated, extended set-up time. Namely, this miracle can be conceived in a few seconds, which gives you more time to enjoy everything that surrounds you.

This Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is a charming, affordable, and above all “quick” solution to simple and fast overnight trips or for an escape from hectic everyday life. It simply lives up to its name.

Keep reading our Coleman Instant Tent review, take a closer look at this pop-up style tent and find out if it’s a good buy.

Coleman Instant Tent Review

Coleman Cabin with Instant Setup is a great tent that goes from bag to fully erected and staked well under 60 seconds. However, a number of questions arise regarding the relationship between quality and value, durability, etc. That’s why we will once again welcome you to our Coleman Instant Tent review. Sit back and find out if it’s worth your money.

This is a great choice if your priority is to relax and enjoy camping with your loved ones. Below we bring you even more details about all the features it has.

Space & Comfort

This tent is 7′ x 8′, i. e. 56 sq ft and can very easily fit two twin air mattresses with about a foot of hallway left. If you don’t want to have free space, you can even choose to get a full and a twin air mattress and fill the entire tent from wall to wall.

 Is the Coleman Instant tent waterproof?

Although the specifications claim that the cabin of this tent is intended for at least 4 people, truth be told, it is not quite so, but you could make it work in a pinch. We must also mention that the door only opens halfway, which is common in all Coleman tents, and the negative consequence is that the inability to fully open the door makes it difficult to enter and exit.

Furthermore, the cabin has three large windows, easy access vents in the ceiling, and two storage pockets. Unfortunately, the windows do not have ties or any other way to fasten them after opening, so they simply hang. This tent doesn’t come with a vestibule and accordingly, all your equipment must be stored inside the main body of the tent. For most campers, this won’t be a big deal, but if you always carry extra stuff with you, it could be inconvenient.

The next part of this Coleman Instant Tent review will explain in more detail how this tent copes with certain weather conditions. So let’s get to the point.

Weather Resistance

In terms of weather conditions, this tent will be fair well in both warm and cold weather. Its walls are well made, seam-sealed, and provide good coverage. We must mention that the tent has six stakes that are strong and sturdy enough to hold the low-profile design down with the two pre-attached guylines.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, the tent has three large windows on either side of the tent, as well as a door paired with two upper vents. So many openings certainly provide enough fresh air for the whole tent.

Easy To Set Up

 How does a Coleman Instant tent work?

If there is one thing that Coleman Instant Tent reviews can confirm with certainty, it is that this is an extremely easy tent to set up. Once out of the bag, simply lift each side of the tent, and when you hear a clicking sound, you’re done.

The hardest part of the job is actually putting it back in the bag, but that’s not too scary either. As for the carrying itself, it is neither too difficult nor impossible, but the bag is quite big and heavy, about 18 pounds and 48 inches in length. We would not recommend it for longer carrying as there are many better options.

This Coleman tent was originally designed for camping by car and has straps attached to a carrying bag that help keep the pack size smaller, making it easier to pack the tent itself into the car.

Is It Worth Buying?

Like every other, our Coleman Instant Tent review is honest. Apart from being very easy to set up, this tent is quite affordable. Its reasonable price leaves you with a bunch of savings that you can use to invest in other things. We recommend that you invest the money in purchasing an additional rainfly as it is not included in the set.

So is it worth the purchase? We think it’s worth buying, with and without rainfly. Truth be told, keep in mind that you are buying simplicity and speed, nothing more than that.

To Conclude This Coleman Instant Tent Review

 How do you pack a Coleman Instant tent?

In short, this is a good discount when you mix low prices with a super-easy setup. It all depends on your needs and requirements. It is quick and easy to set up and handy for a quick trip for a small group of people who don’t want to waste a minute when in the wilderness.

We hope you found this Coleman Instant Tent review helpful. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them in the section below. We will be happy to help you.

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How does a Coleman Instant tent work?

Take a look at this video and watch a one-minute presentation on how to quickly assemble a Coleman tent.

Is The Coleman Instant Tent Waterproof?

Being a single-layer tent, Coleman’s exterior is waterproof.


Can One Person Put Up An Instant Tent?

One person is more than enough to set up a tent on his own and without difficulty. Truth be told, this is one of his greatest advantages.

How Do You Pack A Coleman Instant Tent?

The process of returning the bag is a bit more complex than the assembly itself, but it will not be difficult for you. Simply wrap the tent around the poles, then fold it so that it is a little narrower than your bag.

 Can one person put up an instant tent?

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