Coleman Hampton 6 Person Tent Review

This Coleman Hampton 6 Person tent review will have you amazed!

The Coleman Hampton 6-Person Cabin Tent is one of the biggest tents. In this review, we have compared several tents from different brands. We also looked at the cost including shipping & special offers.

When it comes to tents, Coleman always tops many people’s attention because of their longevity and the high quality they offer for every product. This tent has been around for quite a while in the market. However, it is still popular and people continue to buy it. It is a common choice for many car-campers and families because of its size.

However, due to its popularity, there are many mixed reviews. Today on the blog, we have gathered the most sensible reviews, backed with real numbers to help you decide whether this tent is for you. 

What You Will Like About the Coleman Hampton 6 Person Tent

The most complimented feature of the Coleman Hampton 6 Person Tent is the pre-attached poles, which help to set up the tent faster. In terms of weight, it’s ordinarily heavy at 27lbs like all family tents. But when you compare it with others it’s more portable. Pack size is 45 x 8/5 inches. This tent is very easy to set up and has a built-in rainfly, which is an interesting add-on.

It removes the need to spend extra time pulling a separate rainfly just to create a rain shield on your tent. There are two vents at the rainfly to allow air passage. The interior has great ventilation, which makes it a great tent for the summer.

The reflective guy lines make it easier for campers to find their tent, especially if they are lost in wondering at night. The following are what you will like when buying this tent.

  • Easy quick assembly
  • Ceiling is tall
  • Durable and
  • Bathtub bottom
  • Large windows but with a privacy screen

What You Will Not Like About The Coleman Hampton 6 Person Tent

Like many 6-person tents, you can’t expect Coleman to have lightweight materials. That’s because this is a 3-season tent, which means the durability of materials is a priority over portability. Since it is a 6-person tent, it’s best to be carried on a campervan. The following is a list of cons about this tent.

  • Relatively small compared to other tents
  • The interior pockets are quite small
  • There’s only one door, which makes it a bit limited for 6 persons inside the tent

A friendly tip: Just because it says, this is a 6-person tent doesn’t mean that you only buy this when there are 6 of your camping. If you need a bigger space for everyone and you want to move a lot inside, you can buy this even when you’re only 3 or 4 people camping.

 How big is a 6 person cabin tent?

Buying A 6 Person Tent For The First Time

When purchasing a tent to accommodate everyone in the family, look into the safe choice. There are many satisfied clients for this Coleman 6 Person tent. In any case, the following are some factors that you should consider when buying a tent for the whole family.

  • Price – Look for a tent that’s within your budget to leave you some extra cash when you’re camping.  
  • Livability – Check the interior’s condition. The space must be enough for your entire family. Tents with footprints are absolutely a great deal but there’s no footprint, at least it should be able to accommodate everyone.
  • Durability – If you’re an avid camper, find a tent that will last for the next camping trip.
  • Some tents can be a lot cheaper but durability-wise, they might not be able to withstand 30-40 days of straight camping.
  • Waterproof – Look for a tent with covered seams and a waterproof exterior. Regardless if you’re only staying overnight, it might rain suddenly and you need some cover. Be always prepared for your base. It must be covered all over to prevent the rain from entering.

The Most Important Parts of a Camping Tent


The rainfly is the cover on your tent. Not all essential vehicles setting up camp tents have them, however, most do. The rainfly is a different piece of material and gives cover from the components while as yet permitting the wind to stream into your tent, which dodges buildup.

In the case of warm weather days, you can choose not to use the fly and simply open it up for more view and ventilation.


The vestibule is the region outside your tent that is under your rainfly. It’s where a great many people put their sacks and shoes around evening time to cover them without occupying a room in the tent.

Tub Floor

While the vast majority of your tent will probably be network, the floor is generally made of a more grounded, waterproof material. This assists in keeping water out in case of heavy rainfall.

Posts and Stakes: The poles of your tent help keep your tent standing and open. On the other hand, the stakes go into the ground to keep it upright. You can fold up the pole for easy storage.


Coleman Hampton 6 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent Worth My Money?

It’s not easy to find the right Coleman tent for your family, particularly when there are 63 products to choose from. Personally, the Coleman Hampton 6-person family camping tent is worth your money. With prices ranging from $399 to $1000 (including accessories), Coleman is probably expensive but worth the price.

Is Coleman's 6-person instant set-up tent easy to set up?

Yes. The Coleman 6-person tent is very easy to set up. Thanks to the pre-attached poles, which lets you simply connect them all to make the tent. This is one of Coleman’s latest additions and has been perceived as one of the easiest tents to set up in the 6-person tent category.

How big is a 6-person cabin tent?

Size-wise the 6-person cabin tent from Coleman is not that big for a 6-person tent. With only 90 square feet, it does have levels of headroom. It’s relatively smaller than the Big Horn, which has 150 square feet and is the largest of all 6-person tents. The Hampton 6 is ideal for a group of friends who are planning to set up camp for a couple of weeks.

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