Coleman 6-Person Cabin Tent With Screened Porch Review

Looking for an unbiased Coleman 6-person cabin tent with screened porch review? Camping can be exciting especially when you’re with a group. Whether you’re with your family or your friends, the Coleman 6-person cabin camping tent with a screen room has got you covered.

It’s one of the coolest tents from Coleman, with the addition of a porch that lets you enjoy the fresh air. This tent is so big that you can stand upright and move around.  This is the type of tent you should bring if you plan on sleeping together.

We understand that you have your doubts, especially if you are a first-timer. The first tent that comes before your eyes is not essentially the final tent you’re going to go with. But if you’re still shopping for tents and you can’t design what the best for you is, read on to learn more about Coleman’s 6-person cabin tent with screened porch review.

All About The Coleman Cabin Camping Tent With Screen Room

This tent is from the new series recently launched by the company. It’s good for 6 people and the most attractive feature is the fact that it has a porch. The Coleman boasts a tunnel-type structure that is approximately 6.4 inches. You can stand inside it and with the large space inside, you can freely move around.

 How do you fit a Coleman 6 person tent?

Just because this tent was ideally made for 6 doesn’t mean you can’t buy it if you’re only going on four. A big tent could be beneficial even if you’re only four, especially if you want to move a lot inside. This tent is better off carried by your vehicle. Otherwise, you need to take turns in carrying it on your back if you choose a longer trek.

The Screen Room and the Internal Room

This screen room is floored yet there is a restricted lattice area simply before the internal entryway. This is added so the water can disappear, and this is principally significant for the tent’s form without the yard because the screen room isn’t completely safeguarded. Note that the floor isn’t removable.

The Fly and Patio

The porch is around 1/3 of the protected space but doesn’t worry because it reaches the porch area. Even if it rains the protected space and windbreakers on the side will keep the water from breaking in.

As you understand, the fly is a halfway inclusion type, however to this end, you have those 3 pleasant screened windows on every one of the sides. They are the twofold layer type with network and inward boards for assurance and protection.


This tent features mesh all over the vital areas so ventilation should never be an issue. Moreover, the incomplete fly is very much isolated from the tent’s body, so air can circle and this will wipe out buildup.

 How do you set up a Coleman tent with a screen room?


The season is very important when buying a tent. Naturally, it’s great to buy a 4-season or 5-season tent especially if you are going farther into places where rain is expected. However, with many meshes around vital parts, the Coleman 6-person cabin tent with screened porch review is best suited for warm weather conditions.

Even though it has a fly cover, we recommend using this tent during the summer. It can still protect you from the minimal tent but it may disappoint you when the weather condition is too harsh. Even so, you can close the inner door and windows to keep the heat inside.

Top Features Of Coleman 6-person Cabin Tent

  • Screened porch adds 35 percent more space for groups campers
  • Detachable rainfly makes tent flexible for the summer season
  • The frames are strong and can withstand winds up to 35mph
  • Vertical walls and extra-high ceilings are awesome
  • Panoramic windows let you enjoy the view, try camping at the beach
  • Set up in as fast as 10 minutes
  • Colored poles decrease the guessing game when setting up the tent


Is Coleman tenting a good brand?

Coleman tenting is absolutely a good brand. It is one of the most sought-after brands of tents in the United States because of the designs it offers. Given the proper care, Coleman tents can last for many years.

How do you set up a Coleman tent with a screen room?

It’s not so difficult to set up a Coleman. However, a Coleman tent with a screen room is usually large, which is why you need the help of your group members. At least 3-4 people should set up the tent s starting with staking and assembling the poles. Divide and designate the task to make the job faster. Once the poles are up, you can stretch the tarps and establish your tent. Then attach the fly cover and add the additional stakes to strengthen it up.

Is the Coleman Instant tent waterproof?

Yes. Although the fly cover is only 1/3 of the tent, it is made from waterproof materials. Don’t worry about rain as you can soundly sleep with the Coleman 6-person cabin tent with screened porch. We, however, do not recommend the tent for harsher weather conditions. Although it has strong poles, the materials are mostly made of polyester which cannot defend you from severe rains and storms.

Why are Coleman tents so cheap?

Coleman tents are cheaper because they use polyester instead of nylon material. But just because it is made with polyester doesn’t mean it’s not waterproof. The fly cover only adds more protection to the waterproof capability.

How do you fit a Coleman 6-person tent?

Don’t underestimate this tent model. The Coleman 6-person tent can fit two queen-size beds, which means it can also fit a max of 6 people with medium-large body frames. As with all tents, there’s always the cramming factor but it’s just a matter of how you do it comfortably with a gear. As long as you and your friends are willing to share space, you will enjoy this tent.

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