The Best Big Agnes Tumble 1 mtnGLO Tent Review

Read on to learn Big Agnes Tumble 1 mtnGLO tent review.

Camping solo? A great and exciting activity, camping has become more like of culture in the western countries than just leisure. From great forefathers to their sons, families have built longer traditions with camping. At least once every summer, you will find families camping.

But whether you’re going solo, with a significant other, or with a group you deserve a good tent to stay through the night. A good tent should not only be easy to carry or pocket-friendly. It must also provide comfort t throughout the day and night that you stay away from home. Today, we are going to give you an honest review of the Big Agnes Tumble 1 mtnGLO tent.

All About The Big Agnes Tumble 1 mtnGLO Tent

Winner of the Backpacker’s 2015 Editor’s Choice Award, this tent is undeniably a great choice for campers. This tent comes with built-in LED lights that make it a standout among other tents of the same design. This is a 1-person, 3-season tent, which means that it’s not ideal for two but if you’re camping with a group, you can always decide to bring your tent.

 Are Big Agnes tents worth the money?

What We Love About This Tent

  • It has a ripstop polyester and mesh canopy that provides a good balance of weather protection and ventilation.
  • The seams are taped. Unlike other tents, it keeps water from running inside. It’s ultimately waterproof.
  • The LED light can run for about 24 hours straight. All you need are 3 AAA batteries then you can enjoy the night all to yourself. Imagine going inside your tent and with a click of a finger, you can have your light. No need for a lamp or emergency light, this tent has it all.
  • The three mesh interior pockets keep you organized.
  • It has a reflective webbing that puts out points and guy lines.

Big Agnes Tent And Why You Will Love It Even More

The whole tent package includes a tent body, fly, pole system, and 8 aluminum stakes. It pretty much has everything you need for a tent package except for the footprint. But if you look at other brands, you’ll realize that it’s a common practice.

This tent is very easy to set up and easy to pitch. Even if you’re going solo, you will have no problem setting it up alone. No-fuss, no hassle. The key to this tent is the series of features that make a solo camper’s life easy.

For example, it has a single-pole system with three hubs. Since the poles are already connected via shock cord, it simply slops into the hub. There’s no need to mix and match colors. Even first-time campers can set it up in less than 5 minutes.

Once the pole is up, all you have to do is match up the color-coded buckles and attach the main cover, and then the fly cover. Voila! You can now rest inside.

 big agnes tumble 1 mtnglo tent review

Going Solo Camping With Big Agnes Tent

You might have your explanations behind needing to leave on a performance set up the camp trip, however, no matter what your cravings for getting outside all alone, you’ll have the option to accomplish more at your speed. Assuming you’ve at any point set up camp with companions, family, or small kids, having the option to partake in the outside, would the exercises you like to do and see the sights you need to see be far from simple or easy but not when you’re all alone.

Solo camping province with a rare experience and with a great tent, you will enjoy this unique reconnection with nature – and most importantly, yourself. It helps you immerse in a slow-pace lifestyle at least for a couple of days or weeks before you go back to the daily hustle-bustle of city life.

It removes anxiety, conventional worries, and overthinking. Most of all, there is no rush to do things. Since you live at your own pace, you’re under any rule about when you should eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s just you, nature, and the Big Agnes tent.


Are Big Agnes tents worth the money?

Big Agnes tents are undeniably very expensive. For starters, we would not recommend this much as you can start with more affordable tents. However, if a tent is required for a specific use, for example, hiking, the cost is all around supported. Every one of the special highlights of a Big Agnes tent will make any experience more pleasant!

Which Big Agnes tent is the best?

The question as to which tent is the best is subject to personal biases. If you are going on a solo trip, we would say the best tent for you is the Big Agnes Tumble 1 mtnGLO tent. Take note, however, that there are many other tent designs available for the Big Agnes brand. You need to look into the features and decide, which one is best for you based on them.

Is Big Agnes a good brand?

Big Agnes is a popular and established company. Their tents are very dependable. It's not so much as an inquiry whether their tents are great. They are astonishing. Their fabricated quality, notable plans, and capacity to remain behind their items are momentous. Considering the attributes of Big Agnes tents, there is only one disadvantage - the expensive price tag!

Where Are Big Agnes tents made?

The Big Agnes tents are made of waterproof materials. The tents are known to be 3-season, which means you can use them for summer, fall, or winter. Since the seams are sealed, it is entirely waterproof. The rest of the body is made with polyester and a mesh canopy. It’s very lightweight and perfect for backpacking.

How do you install a Big Agnes tent?

Installing the Big Agnes tent is very easy. We believe it’s the most unique because of its single pole system. Once you establish the stakes, all you need to do is pull the pole. Then you can have the tent set up in less than five minutes.

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