Big Agnes Jack Rabbit Sl3 Tent Review

Looking for a Big Agnes jack rabbit sl3 tent review? You’re in the right place. Today we’re going to run down the vital features of this tent and why this might be a great tent for you.

Well, camping with family or friends is a great summer pastime. But if you want to make it a constant activity, there may be times that you will run into the rain or snow, and you will need a reliable 3-season tent. This is where the Big Agnes Jack Rabbit SL3 tent comes in. 

All About Big Agnes

Big Agnes is a popular tent brand in the US founded 20 years ago. For many years, this brand has been providing hikers and campers, with high-quality tents. Their main edge includes better gear, nice designs, 3-season tents, and sustainable materials.

Their solution-dyed tent fabrics are iconic and absolutely unique. This year, the brand has launched its backpack lines. Based in the ski town in northwestern Colorado, this tent brand is always looking forward to creating new tents that will fit the current generation and needs considering the ever-changing weather condition. 

Get To Know The Big Agnes Jack Rabbit SL3 Tent

The Big Agnes Jack Rabbit SL3 tent is one of the lightest tent options for a 3-season tent in the freestanding category. It offers easy living for three people plus an amazing 2 entry-exit and 2 vestibules. IT doesn’t disappoint in terms of strength and durability. 

This tent has an ultralight trail weight of 4lbs, which goes easy on your pack load. The weight is the most important when you’re hiking, which makes this tent really great. We love the hubbed pole design and pole clips, which makes setup easy-breezy. 

The tent poles are lightweight while there’s a durable ripstop nylon fly cover and waterproof floors. 

It makes your overall journey absolutely comfortable. What makes the waterproof tape is the fact that they are solvent-free, no PV or VOCs are involved. This makes the tent extremely eco-friendly.

 big agnes jack rabbit sl3 tent pros and cons


The Big Agnes SL3 Rabbit tent has one window and 2 entryways and a most extreme place level of 5′ 0, which is a little less than the normal height. You may need to bend a little inside, but for a 3-person tent, it is quite normal. The livability is great but there have been comments that the interior is smaller for 3 people. Regardless, it remains a great tent for people who wants to enjoy a lightweight tent.

Weather Resistant

Dome tents have always been proven to be an amazing pick for all types of camping difficulty. Unlike triangular tents, dome tents allow the rain flow to bounce back further from the ground. 

This tent also has a floor cover, which keeps the dirt off your beddings. It’s super comfortable inside, breathable, and airy. The most important thing is that this tent will keep you dry amid heavy downpours.

What Do You Will About Big Agnes Jack Rabbit SL3 Tent

  • It’s very lightweight making it a great backpacking tent for campers
  • Easy setup at only 15 minutes whether you’re an expert camper or still a newbie
  • Great color, sustainable materials
  • Budget-friendly price

What You Will Not Like About Big Agnes Jack Rabbit SL3 Tent

  • The space is a little bit small for three people
  • Most campers but the SL3 tent for 2-person camping to have a lot of space
  • The fly cover is too high

5 Important Camping Gears And When To Replace Them


Normally the signs will be self-evident — you might observe consumption openings or tears. You can fix openings that are under an inch in breadth, yet purchase another tent assuming any openings are bigger than that. Actually, look at the creases for indications of extending — another sign that a tent buy is approaching. When the posts presently do not stretch the texture tight, you won’t remain dry in a weighty downpour.


Backpacks can stretch, bend, or even break after years of usage. Assuming that something feels like it’s extending out, assess the edge. In the event that it’s twisted, spring for another pack.

Hiking Beds

Hiking beds ought to be unloaded from their pressure packs and put away freely after each excursion — if not they’ll turn out to be for all time compacted and lose a reasonable arrangement of their hotness maintenance. Assuming you are shuddering when you ought to be dozing serenely, it’s the ideal opportunity for another hiking bed.

Sleeping Bags

Many resting cushions have a self-blowing-up system: The client opens a valve and allows the cushion to load up with air normally as its rubbery parts extend. Sadly, these too wear out — or campers get anxious and begin blowing into the valve, which can additionally lessen the cushion’s capacity to self-expand. Assuming you need to blow hard to swell your cushion, now is the right time to purchase a substitution.

 how big is a jack rabbit


Stoves are one of the most important camping gear you will have. But be careful when using it as the fuel canister might have some holes. This type of equipment needs to replace after a specific year of usage to ensure your safety during camping. If you hear a hiss, then it is a sign that you need to replace the gasket. If it doesn’t work, then you may need to buy a new one.


Are Big Agnes Tents Waterproof?

Yes. Big Agnes Tents are waterproof. This brand has the widest selection of waterproof and 3-season tents. The seams of the tent are sealed, which also helps in keeping water from entering the tent.

Where does Big Agnes make their tents?

The company’s name was motivated by the Big Agnes Mountain in the north of Steamboat Springs where the company is located. You can safely assume that their tents are manufactured in the same location.

What are Big Agnes jack rabbit sl3 tent pros and cons?

We believe the greatest advantage of the Big Agnes Jack Rabbit tent is the fact that it is freestanding. It can support its own weight on different terrains and doesn’t need staking to keep it down. This makes it very easy to assemble and set up. It has great internal storage, which is a signature for all Big Agnes tents.
The lofts and pockets are big enough to secure your personal belongings. But while Big Agnes offers ample storage for things, the SL3 tent is not big enough to accommodate people. You may all fit in but not a lot of space to move around. We suggest buying the SL3 if there are only two of you camping

How Big Is A Jack Rabbit Tent?

The Jack Rabbit has a dimension of 5 ft 10 in x 7 ft 4 in, which can accommodate 3 persons of small to medium boy frames. It has a peak height of 42 inches and 5 poles to keep it stable on the ground. Campers may need to bend a little when inside the tent.

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