The Best Coleman Offshore Pro Series Cooler Review

Looking for Coleman offshore pro series cooler review?

Now that you’re looking for Coleman offshore coolers review, let’s guess. Well then, you will never go wrong with Coleman.

Coleman is a well-known American brand of outdoor products – from tents, coolers, campervans, to RVs. The Coleman Offshore Pro series is a set of coolers that keeps food and drinks cold for nearly a week. It is known for the extra insulation in the lid that prevents cold from escaping. Generally, it keeps drinks and other beverages cold for 6 days when the temperature is up to 90°F.

The cooler can hold up a max of 129 cans. Don’t worry about it being exposed to the sun because it has an integrated UVGuard that shields it.

All About The Coleman Offshore Pro Series Cooler

The best thing about the Coleman offshore pro series is the availability of antimicrobial liner, which prevents odor, mold, and mildew from getting inside. When camping it’s very important to be hygienic to ensure you have a good stomach and overall health condition.

Moreover, it has ultimate Xtreme technology that uses extra-thick insulation. Thanks to this feature, it helps extend ice for 6-7 days depending on where you’re bringing it. Although this cooler is a little bit, it has a strong lead that can support 250lbs. Hence, you can use it as an extra seat in your camper van fun – now that’s dual purpose.

There’s also a comfort-grip handle that allows you to easily carry it anywhere. IN terms of durability, the rust-tolerant stainless wheel will ensure you it can last for long years to come.

 Are Coleman coolers hollow?

3 Main Types Of Coolers To Know Before Shopping

Soft Coolers

Similar to a solid, protected pack, these are lightweight and incredibly compact. They are best for daily use because of their more modest size and lower protecting power.

Hard Coolers

The first way of setting up a camp refrigerator, these are as yet the most famous choice. They are frequently weighty however they have the best ice maintenance and are entirely strong. They’re accessible in an enormous assortment of sizes and styles at an immense scope of costs.

Powered Coolers

Similar to a convenient small-scale ice chest, these utilize power from your vehicle’s DC outlet, a compact power station, versatile sunlight-based charger, or another power source to remain cool. Many don’t need ice. powered coolers are costly.

 How can I make my Coleman cooler better?

8 Tips For Shopping A Cooler For Your Camping Spree

  1. Volume – Longer outings and bigger gatherings as a rule require bigger camp coolers. Ensure you have sufficient extra room by making a set-up camp dinner plan.
  2. Insulation- The more the protection, the more your cooler will remain cold. The best coolers depend on 3 inches thick with twofold divider development sandwiched around thick polyurethane froth.
  3. Strength- Thicker dividers likewise mean greater sturdiness. Coleman coolers are generally the strongest because of the absence of strain focuses. Likewise search for a model with top-quality parts, for example, incorporated pivots and elastic hooks.
  4. Ice Life – Cooling execution, all the more explicitly length of ice life, is straightforwardly connected with protection type as well as extra factors like a Coleman structure, raised feet to limit heat move, and a cooler style elastic gasket for legitimate top fixing.
  5. Size and Weight-Large Coleman coolers are normally the most extensive and best protected however they likewise occupy the most room and can be exceptionally weighty.
  6. Convenience-Most models are genuinely easy to use. Some, nonetheless, are more straightforward to dig around in than others. You ought to likewise search for a promptly convenient model. If you want an enormous cooler, think about a model with worked-in haggles.
  7. Highlights – Some extra elements like implicit refreshment holders and jug openers are simply great contacts while others like incorporated secure focuses, channel plugs (with chains), and locking tops straightforwardly connect with their presentation.
  8. Accessories – Many of the best setting up camp coolers currently accompany a wire stockpiling bushel to get food far from liquefying ice. Most brands additionally offer an assortment of other setting up camp cooler assistants to assist you with modifying your refrigerator.


How good is a Coleman cooler?

Coleman cooler is absolutely a good deal. It’s durable, highly economical, and helps keep drinks cold for 6-7 days. It is a perfect buddy if you plan on having weeklong camping at the beach or in the wilderness.

Are Coleman coolers hollow?

The lid of the cooler is composed of hollow plastic. But it has interior insulation that helps keep it cool throughout the week. Some people would drill a hole on the plastic to add a foam layer but there’s no need for you to do that. Even when the weather is 85-90 degrees every day, there are still chunks of ice in there on the fifth day. On the 7th day, the ice will melt but the beverages will still stay cold and great for drinking.

Is Coleman or Igloo cooler better?

In rundown, Coleman is the better choice for the individuals who are tight on a budget yet in need of a decent ice cooler to keep drinks cool during a week-long camping trip. It already has a cup holder, wheels, and many other great features at a lesser price. On the other hand, Igloo is a better choice if you want something more high-end and luxurious. Of course, you can expect the price to be higher too.

How much does a Coleman cooler cost?

The Coleman offshore pro series cost around $50 plus depending on the capacity. The Coleman 120-quart cooler, which can accommodate 190 cans and with 5 days ice retention costs around $60 - $70 plus.

How can I make my Coleman cooler better?

The only complaint people have with Coleman is the fact that their covers are hollow. To remedy this situation, you can drill a hole on the top cover and insert foam to increase its insulation. However, we see this as unnecessary. Coleman is an interesting brand that gives you the benefit of being able to enjoy cold drinks for a weeklong trip even without a fridge. Even adding more foam to it will not ensure it will insulate the ice for more than a week. If you want something that can prolong ice, you’d better buy a fridge.

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