23 Zero Roof Top Tent Review: Quality Material Makes It No. 1 for a Good Night’s Sleep – True Or False

Read our 23 Zero Roof Top Tent review and find out if this is the best choice that will meet all your criteria.

Have you noticed that rooftop tents are having a moment in 2022? When all the advantages and several disadvantages are added and subtracted, it is easy to see why. What most people love is that they don’t have to do that tedious job of assembling a tent and sleeping system as soon as you step out of the vehicle. On the contrary, the new, modern design does it for you because rooftop designs pop up or fold out from the top of your vehicle and come equipped with only the highest quality and most comfortable equipment to give you a good night’s sleep.

If you are also thinking of buying a tent of this type, keep reading our 23 Zero Roof Top Tent review, and get all the background information as well as some basic buying tips.

What’s The Deal With Rooftop Tents?

Before we get to the heart of this 23 Zero Roof Top Tent review, let us tell you a few sentences about this, an unusual type of tent.

Like any other type of tent, rooftop tents are designed for adventure-loving campers. What campers will appreciate the most is the simplicity and speed of assembly that allows accommodation anywhere, but we must not forget to mention the durable construction that makes them perfect for the wilderness.

Campers most often choose this type of tent because they are the only way to experience the great outdoors. The tent is raised off the ground, which allows for better visibility and enjoyment of the environment from a completely different perspective. Another one of the most important items we must not forget to mention is that rooftop tents keep you up and away from mud, snow, sand, and all other types of creepy-crawly creatures.

 Are 23 Zero tents good?

23 Zero Roof Top Tent Review

Now we are slowly getting to the heart of this 23 Zero Roof Top Tent review, would you like to get to know the company behind this whole project?

The company 23 Zero is made up of many professionals who are also active outdoor enthusiasts with more than 25 years of experience in this as well as in many other, related fields.

Many are wondering where such a creative name came from, so let us reveal that secret to you. In principle 23 Zero actually means the coordinates of one of the most difficult places on the planet, as well as the most central place in Australia, that is Alice Springs.

This company is known for producing quality yet affordable outdoor gear that has its fans all over the world. Furthermore, the 23 Zero team is deployed in the two most active countries in the world, at least when it comes to outdoor gear, more specifically Australia and the USA. What you might especially like is the strict quality control that actually guarantees the satisfaction of every customer.

We think now would be an ideal time to move on to the main part of this 23 Zero Roof Top Tent review. Do you agree with that? So let’s get to the point.

Product Description & Main Features

23 Zero Roof Top Tents are made of durable and waterproof polycotton material, but the most important thing is that revolutionary Light Suppression Technology was used for their production.

This 23 Zero Roof Top Tent review, as well as the vast majority of our reviews, will tell you more about the latest technologies used. As for Light Suppression Technology, it guarantees that there is no too early waking, sweating, and squinting from the sun that has directed its rays at your tent for hours before you are even ready to wake up.

 Can My car support a rooftop tent?

How is that even possible? The trick is in a fabric that is so carefully designed that it has the ability to keep the inside of the tent pitch black, even on the brightest mornings or hottest afternoons. Did you know that LST fabric can reduce the summer temperature inside the tent by 20%? Anyone who has never had the “honor” of waking up dripping wet will probably not appreciate this commendable feature.

The Light Suppression Technology will give you all the freedom of this world to sleep much longer than usual, as well as to wake up refreshed and ready for a day of adventure in the wilderness.

Furthermore, it is very important to note that the bases of these tents have a tig welded inner aluminum frame which then has insulating foam inserted between each rib and glued with glue to the outer aluminum layers. What campers especially appreciate is that 23 Zero uses exclusively aluminum moving parts and an extra thick stainless steel hinge. The combination of these two guarantees a lightweight and durable construction that will serve you for years.

Which One To Buy?

Here are the most popular models to choose from:

To Conclude This 23 Zero Roof Top Tent Review

For all those who are rethinking and not sure if they should buy it, we have good news, this type of tent is a fantastic addition to your camping arsenal and can make the difference between a good and great camping experience.

We hope you found this 23 Zero Roof Top Tent review helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the section below.

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Where 23 Zero Rooftops Are Made?

23 Zero Rooftops are made in Australia and the USA.

Are 23 Zero Tents Good?

23 ZERO tents are one of the best tents you can buy because they represent an excellent ratio between price and quality.

Can My Car Support A Rooftop Tent?

Determining whether your car can withstand a rooftop tent is very simple. It is enough to always keep in mind the fact that you never place it on a vehicle whose rooftop load limit is less than 165 lbs.

How Long Do Rooftop Tents Last?

The average lifespan of such a tent should be between 10 and 15 years.

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