2021 Coleman Lantern LT 17LB Review

Check this 2021 Coleman Lantern LT 17LB review! We’ve got you covered. Everyone wants to gear up for the upcoming summer and today is just the right time to shop for some tents and campervans

Campervans are a great way to spend a vacation. It offers a perfect blend of camping & excursion while enjoying the benefits of camping anywhere you want to be.

Whether you’re a die-hard camping fan or just starting a new journey on camping, Coleman is here to stay. Coleman is a popular brand in the United States owing to its unique designs and durability. One of the most sought-after models is the Coleman Lantern LT 17lb.

Today on the blog, we’re going to run down some features of the Coleman Lantern LT 17lb to ensure you make the right choice.

All About Coleman Lantern LT 17lb

If you’re looking for a campervan, you will never go wrong with the Coleman. Many of you probably own the 2021 Coleman Lantern LT 17B but for those who are still weighing choices, you need this article.

The Coleman Lantern LT is here for a long list of reasons. It’s one of the biggest RVs you can buy with lots of interior space to accommodate the whole family. It has everything you need from top to bottom, including a great spot to put your house-sized refrigerator.

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Features To Watch Out For The Coleman Lantern LT 17Lb 


This should be your top priority list. If you have kids, you need a space they make their own instead of pulling off chairs and sofas. The small-sized bunker bed is a unique feature of the Coleman Lantern LT 17lb where kids can relax, nap, or sleep at night. The room also has plenty of storage where kids can hang their shoes and clothes on. Less clutter, less headache. Do you agree?

Queen Sized Bed

Discussing beds, with the Coleman Lantern LT 17B travel trailer, you’ll get a major sovereign bed. It’s bounty large. Like it in a real sense takes up 33% of your camper space, which we were absolutely fine with because we needed a major agreeable bed. Just, we needed to make a few changes following to make it agreeable. The sleeping cushion it accompanies is trash and if we somehow managed to suggest one buy you move immediately, it’s another bedding to place in there.


Kitchen has a very homy table with 4-seating capacity. Expect the design to be minimalist but quite modern. The benches are great for small kids since you can let them sit on  the sides while you sit on the edges. This way, you can corner them during mealtime and help them focus on their food. Remember, mealtime is a must when camping. Don’t ever trek with an empty stomach.

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Enjoy a bathroom like your own home, with a high-the toilet brown and a little tub. Plus, there’s a shower. After a long day, you can freshen up definitely.


A fireplace?! Indeed, there’s a fireplace inside this awesome campervan. It’s the place where the camper’s hotness emerges from. However, you can likewise put it on climate mode and it shows the fire, yet no hotness comes out. It’s unreasonable, yet in addition fun.

Other Features Of The Coleman Lantern LT 17LB

The overall weight of the Coleman is 3042 points, which makes things super lightweight for your Ford Explorer with a 5000lb tow. If you have an SUV with a relative tow capacity, you can settle with the 4klb range.

This will typically do the trick. Compared with other RVs, it has a smaller length, which is food because you will be able to fit in almost all campsites. The 30amp hookup and air conditioning units, including outlets, will be connected with the electric hookups.

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The Disadvantage Of Coleman Lantern LT 17lb

For sure, everyone is always waiting for the list of disadvantages. Of course, when you buy something, you can’t just look at the pros. Although this campervan has everything you could dream of, including the luxury interior, the space where you can move around has become a little constricted because of too many additions.

The countertop is a little too big, which somehow made the space around it small. Nevertheless, you must take advantage of the counter space. The cable hookup lets you hang a TV. You can also bring your espresso machine, juicer, or blender. Coleman is a very exciting brand.

Coleman RV Price

The price of the Coleman campervan is around $15K in most places. You can get it at a discounted price at $11 or if you want to save a little bit more. Moreover, there are additional options you can add on such as a warranty and weatherproofing. This is one of the ways, you can secure your travel. It’s a coating that helps protect against in-optimal weather conditions.

 What is the Coleman lantern package?


Is Coleman a good RV brand?

Yes. Coleman is a good RV brand. In terms of quality, space, built-up, and durability it is a top choice. If you’re buying an RV that is brand you, there’s insurance and manufacturer’s warranty included. But if you have bought a second-hand RV, you can simply have extended warranty insurance.

Who makes the Coleman lantern 17B?

The Coleman lantern 17B is made by Coleman. Coleman is an American brand of recreational products such as tents, campervans, RVs, and other camping gear.

What is the Coleman lantern package?

Each Coleman Lantern incorporates the Dutchmen development advantage with solid edges, tough dividers and protection, a sturdy rooftop structure, and the Blade wind stream framework. The Power Plus bundle gives a power tongue jack, power stabilizer jacks, and a powered canopy with LED lights to appreciate into the evening.

How much does a Coleman lantern weigh?

The hitch weight is 607lbs, the dry weight is 5903lbs, and the cargo weight is 1697lbs.

How do I turn on my Coleman lantern water heater?

Normally, a Coleman lantern water heart would come with a manual. Simply turn the button to your desired level of heat.

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